Young Bucks Ritualistically Burn 2-Sweet Merch

News broke last week that the Young Bucks had been sent a Cease and Desist order from WWE in regards to the 2 Sweet hand signal they use as part of their act.

The Cease and Desist order came the day after members of Bullet Club filmed an “invasion” of Monday Night Raw. While some debate can be had as to who actually owns the hand signal, the Bucks don’t appear to be fighting the court order. Instead, they appear to be using WWE’s legal action as a rallying point for their fans.

Since releasing brand new “Cease and Desist” Young Bucks t-shirts they have outsold anything else on Pro Wrestling Tees for the entire month of September.

Burning 2 Sweet Merch

On the latest episode of “Being the Elite”, Bullet Club ritualistically burned some of their 2 Sweet gear. They also found out that there is still a WWE stooge out there.

Also on the episode, Flip Gordon attends a juicy party with Juventud Guerrera.

Fun with Intellectual Property Rights

The issue of a promotion owning Intellectual Property rights over mannerisms and gimmicks of wrestlers is playing a more prominent role in the industry than ever before. While parts of the Monday Night Wars were fought inside courtrooms over the rights to IP between WCW and WWE, there are more active cases of IP dispute than ever in wrestling history at the moment.

Cody Runnells has to wrestle as Cody instead of Cody Rhodes because WWE owns the right to his fictional stage name. The ethics behind not allowing Dusty Rhodes’ son to use the last name Rhodes have left some disillusioned with WWE’s actions in that case.

Matt Hardy has been in his own Intellectual Property rights dispute with Anthem Sports and Entertainment. It seems as though Matt fought a losing battle on that one and now is poised to debut a new gimmick. The Young Bucks appear to be taking the same approach with their 2 Sweet hand signal and other parody mannerisms they have used over the years.