WWE’s War Against the Young Bucks Claims Another Victim

Rumours are circulating that an innocent bystander has been fired from WWE due to appearing in a photo-op with members of Bullet Club. The rumors are suggesting that former Ring of Honor mainstay, Jimmy Jacobs, was fired from WWE’s creative team.

The 33-year-old Jacobs had been with WWE since 2015 working as a writer. He had previously been with Ring of Honor since 2003.

It should be noted that we have received no confirmation from WWE that Jacobs has been let go. Several anonymous-source based websites are stating their sources are confident Jacobs has been let go, however, and the photo he took with the Young Bucks recently is the cause. Jacobs’ firing should be treated as a rumor until Jacobs or WWE themselves confirm the news.

Jimmy Jacobs and the Young Bucks Photo



It looks as though the photo was actually taken during the Young Bucks’ “Invasion” of Raw last month. WWE also sent Cease and Desist orders to the Young Bucks following the incident in regards to their usage of the “2 Sweet” hand signal.

Some are saying WWE’s harsh reaction to Jacobs may cause more fans to side with the Young Bucks and Bullet Club in this conflict.

WWE vs. Bullet Club War Thus Far

So far in a war fought via intellectual property rights and court orders, WWE has prevented Cody from using the last name “Rhodes”. Some take offense to this, as Cody’s family had been using the last name Rhodes outside of WWE for some time, though Cody never had.

The Young Bucks have also been prevented from using the “2 Sweet” hand signal and the “Suck it” crotch chop.

Another point of contention WWE may have with Bullet Club is regarding the deal with Hot Topic. Apparently Hot Topic approached WWE around WrestleMania regarding bringing Bullet Club t-shirts into their stores only to be told Bullet Club isn’t a WWE act. Hot Topic were evidently surprised by this as Bullet Club t-shirts are such a common sight at WWE events.