WWE Makes Changes To Creative Team, Road Dogg Resigns

WWE Creative Team Changes
WWE Creative Team Changes

WWE has made multiple changes to their creative team recently. At least one of those changes has to do with Bret Hart’s speech at the WWE Hall of Fame.

Sean Waltman revealed on his podcast that a WWE writer was fired after Bret Hart mentioned Vince McMahon by name several times during his speech. McMahon has made it known that his name is not supposed to be used during Hall of Fame induction speeches.

Here is what Waltman had to say regarding the situation.

“I think Bret mentioned Vince a bunch of times,” Waltman said on the show. “Vince got really hot, I think somebody got fired.

Waltman would continue to say that he is not joking, someone really did get fired.

“I’m not kidding, I’m not. Vince was pissed and I get it, that’s a thing for him,” Waltman continued.

WWE Creative Team Changes

Waltman then joked that the D-X induction speech, of which he was a part, also mentioned Vince McMahon by name several times. The faction did so purposely, likely because Vince McMahon specifically does not want that to happen.

“And then we (D-X) went out and said it a million times and nobody got fired,” Waltman continued.

While nobody got fired, it’s possible co-head writer for Smackdown, “Road Dogg” Brian James stepped down because of it. James reportedly stepped down from his role this week but few details are available as to why.

“Brian James has – what I was told – stepped down as co-head writer of Smackdown,” Dave Meltzer said. “I don’t know anything more as to why but that happened.”

It’s possible, though this is only speculation, he stepped down from his role in creation as a result of taking part in the same actions which resulted in another member of the WWE creative team getting fired.

PW Insider is reporting the name of the WWE writer who lost his job is Robert Evans, a former Canadian wrestler who wrestled as RD Evans in Ring of Honor and Chikara.