Will Ospreay: Jay White Was A Friend, Now He’s A Rival

Will Ospreay
Will Ospreay

“Once upon a time, I might have called Jay White my friend, now he’s a rival” – Will Ospreay

For the second year in a row, Will Ospreay will face the IWGP Heavyweight Champion in the main event of NJPW’s Anniversary show. Last year, he faced his CHAOS stablemate, Kazuchika Okada. This year, the NEVER Openweight Champion will take on “Switchblade” Jay White, the man who betrayed CHAOS and would later become the new leader of Bullet Club.

Ospreay sat down with NJPW1972.com to give his thoughts on his upcoming non-title match against his former friend and stablemate.

Will Ospreay Interview Highlights

White and Ospreay have met in single’s action just once previously. In 2017, Ospreay defeated White on the New York stop of the ROH/NJPW War of the Worlds tour.

“I’ve been in this situation before,” Ospreay said to NJPW1972.com. “Last year I was against Okada, who was the IWGP Heavyweight Champion. What if I beat Okada? I would have gone straight up there. Maybe this is the same thing? Maybe everyone’s thinking “Will’s done this before, he’s already lost, he can’t do it again” – why can’t I? Everyone looks at me like I’m just a junior. I’ve beaten Taichi, I’ve beaten Ibushi, I’ve beaten Dalton Castle, why can’t I beat Jay White? I’ve done it before!”

Ospreay would continue to say he once considered White a friend, albeit not a close one.

“I met Jay ages ago in York Hall, England, when he was introduced to Prince Devitt. I wasn’t around in New Japan at the time, I was just performing in the UK indies and we didn’t really talk to each other. We just said “Hi” that was it. I always remembered Jay and every time I saw him, he was getting better and better. I feel we’ve got this weird bond as well. He’s from New Zealand, my girlfriend’s family are from New Zealand, so we’ve got a bit of a bond. Jay knows my missus and her family and I did quite like Jay. I truly think that no matter how down or broken somebody is I always believe in my heart of hearts that they can be fixed.”

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