What PCO’s Signing Means For Ring of Honor


Pierre Carl-Ouelette has signed with Ring of Honor for 2019. PCO let it known on Twitter recently that he was about to sign the “contract of his life”. It has since been confirmed that ROH is the promotion which now has the 5o-year-old under an exclusive contract.

PCO Leaves Major League Wrestling

Signing with Ring of Honor has meant PCO has pulled out of the upcoming MLW Fusion tapings in Miami. He was scheduled to face LA Park in a Falls Count Anywhere match on December 13th. Sami Callihan, who has previously been aligned with Salina De La Renta (who manages LA Park), has been named as PCO’s replacement.

Major League Wrestling put out a statement regarding PCO’s departure from the promotion:

“PCO has withdrawn from his December 13th Falls Count Anywhere in Miami bout and has suspiciously vanished from the league. ”

PCO and Brody King in NJPW

PCO’s rival in PWG and MLW, Brody King, is also on his way to Ring of Honor. The addition of the two heavyweights should be a nice addition to the top-tier of ROH’s roster next year. The signings also open the door for both wrestlers to end up in NJPW through their talent-sharing agreement between both promotions. As a result of his monster-like gimmick, PCO is likely to get over in Japan. Considering his resemblance to Bruiser Brody, who is revered in the country, Brody King is likely to as well.

PCO Comments On Who He Would Like To Face In New Japan Pro Wrestling

PCO appeared on the Main Event Radio podcast recently and spoke about what the deal with ROH means to him.

Credit to Wrestling Inc for the transcriptions (transcriptions are hard!).

PCO On Signing With ROH

“It’s the best deal in my entire career. Between the opportunities they are giving me, and the money involved, it is my best deal ever. It is only the beginning of a new adventure, a good challenge. I’m a bit stressed, but I feed off a good challenge like this. It gives me a huge chance to step up to another level and be able to accomplish that. It is something great. I’m hoping for things to turn out the way I want them to.”

Speaking on Who He Would Like To Face In NJPW:

“There’s a lot of people throwing names. For a long time, I’ve been hearing the names of Minoru Suzuki and Tomohiro Ishii. Those two Japanese guys always pop up with my name in conversations.”

While his name was officially mentioned, PCO and Brody King are likely to have good matches with Jeff Cobb atop ROH’s heavyweight division as well.

Performing At Madison Square Garden:

Ring of Honor are running at a more prestigious building than WWE at WrestleMania weekend. The marquee name, Madison Square Garden. It’s great for a company like ROH that they could have done that against all odds. Because WWE tried to stop them from renting it and the lawyers put on a fight. I’m really impressed. It’s looking really good for 2019 as far as what the wrestling scene will be.”

Ring of Honor Rebuilding

Much is being made of the departing names in Ring of Honor. The promotion is used to having talent build up their names and leave, however. In a previous interview, ROH executives have expressed they aren’t concerned about the departing talent as that’s what always happens to ROH. Kevin Steen, El Generico, Bryan Danielson, Tyler Black and more have left the company throughout the years.