Untold Story Of ECW’s 2006 Re-Launch To Air On WWE Network

Paul Heyman ECW
Paul Heyman ECW

If you have ever wanted to know Paul Heyman’s opinion of WWE’s attempt to revive ECW in 2006, you’ll have your chance tomorrow. WWE has announced a documentary on the infamous revival of Extreme Championship Wrestling will air tomorrow on the WWE Network.

Paul Heyman On WWE’s Version Of ECW

“I think the entire relaunch of ECW was doomed from the start. My mistake was taking on the project to begin with. I should have been upfront from the beginning and said ‘This is going to fail, and there’s no way I want to┬ábe involved in it.’

ECW was a revolution but when the rebel becomes the establishment, it’s no longer the rebel. It’s the thing you rebel against.

Had we called this new promotion anything but ECW, it would have succeeded. Look at the talent roster. Look at the new stars that were being introduced on this show. But because it had both the cachet and the stigma of being ECW, there was no way it was ever going to work.” – Paul Heyman