Torrie Wilson To Be Inducted Into WWE Hall of Fame

Torrie Wilson HOF
Torrie Wilson HOF

Torrie Wilson will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. WWE broke the news to ESPN earlier today. Despite never winning a championship during her WWE or WCW tenures, Wilson was a fixture on television for both promotions during her career.


Torrie Wilson ESPN Interview Highlights

Wilson spoke to ESPN regarding news of her Hall of Fame induction.

“This feels like a sweet closure,” Wilson, 43, told espnW. “Since I retired, so many people have asked me, ‘Do you feel bad you’ve never won a title?’ And I have always said no, because I felt like I got the value — even though it would have been nice [to win a title]. But being inducted into the Hall of Fame feels like a championship belt to me, because it really makes me feel appreciated.”

She also spoke on the current women’s divisions and offered special praise for Becky Lynch.

“It’s actually mindboggling to me when I watch their matches. I remember watching Becky Lynch and then asking her after, ‘How are you going on? How are you doing matches after matches? Aren’t you hurting?’ and she is just tough as a nail,” Wilson says.

Wilson currently runs her own fitness website. She last competed for WWE in October in the 20-woman battle royal at Evolution. Prior to that, she also competed in the 1st ever women’s Royal Rumble in 2018.

“I want to stress to people — we fall so hard. I have fallen so, so hard so many times, and wasn’t sure if I could get back up,” she says. “And the truth of the matter is, every time I fell, my life got even better when I crawled out of it.”

Wilson’s full interview with ESPN can be read here.