Tony Khan Outlines His Vision For AEW

Brandi Rhodes, Tony Khan, Cody AEW
Brandi Rhodes, Tony Khan, Cody AEW

All Elite Wrestling has several Executive Vice Presidents but only one President. That man’s name is Tony Khan and he recently appeared on Talk is Jericho to discuss his vision for AEW.

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Tony Khan Talks Why It Was The Right Time To Start AEW:

“There a number of factors, including economic factors,” Khan says. “I think for advertisers now, wrestling has become attractive. Advertisers can see there’s a huge base of wrestling fans all over the world that are really passionate.”

“There’s a lot of really passionate fans around this group of wrestlers,” Khan says. “Jericho, The Elite, and a number of the competitors that we have coming into this.”

“You’ve got all these great talents with their contracts coming up, and we’re in a market where there’s TV money to be had to try to make a deal with a major network for a wrestling TV show. I think it’s the right climate for a number of reasons.”

“We’ve got a male and female roster with great engagement among the fans,” says Khan.

“To me, that makes it the right time to strike.”

Tony Khan On A Potential New Monday Night War:

“It doesn’t have to be that shows are on the same time of the same night,” Khan said. “If anything, put more shows on more nights of the week so there’s more wrestling for people to watch… There’s a lot of wrestling now, but there’s not as much high-budget, quality wrestling as there was 20 years ago.”

“That’s a problem, and that’s something we’re going to do something about.”

Tony Khan On Treating AEW As A Sport:

“Great promotion, taking the stars seriously, the fans seriously, and treating the product as a legitimate sports property, and treating wins and losses as everything,” Khan said.

“Winning should make your day, make your week, make your year, and losing should break your heart.”