Tama Tonga Comments On AEW, Bullet Club, Music, & Being An “NJPW Guy”

Tama Tonga
Tama Tonga

Tama Tonga recently took part in an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit. During the course of the fan-posted interview, Tama commented on AEW, his favorite music, opponents, and being an “NJPW Guy”.

A link to the full post can be found here or you can read the highlights below:

Tama Tonga On NJPW Reaction To AEW

Tonga was asked what the boys in NJPW think of AEW. Tonga responded with

“its good to have options out there. more work for the boys.”

On His Favourite Wrestlers To Work With

“Tanahashi and Ishii”

What Tag Teams Outside Of NJPW Does Tama Want GoD to Face?

“the Revival and the Usos”

He would continue to say the Usos are Great brothers.

On The Bullet Club Versus the Elite Angle?

Quesiton: Were you disappointed with the way that the Firing Squad versus Elite angle was resolved?

Tama Tonga: Yes

On If He Played A Role In The New Guerillas of Destiny Theme Music

yes i had a lot to do with making it. i listen to everything but tend to have hiphop a lot on my playlist

On Opponents He’d Like To Face Someday

Question: “Who in any of the promotions around the world do you want to have a match with?”

Tama Tonga: Finn Balor

Tama Tonga On His Favorite Moments In Wrestling

my favorite parts really has been wrestling with my brothers and father especially on key shows.

On GoD’s Match In MSG Being Made A 4-Way

made the match more interesting with all the different dynamics. we’ve done these dances before, nothing new

Tama Tonga On His Twitter Game

Tama was asked how it feels to have the best Twitter game in the business. He said that honor belongs to someone else, however.

nah, that belongs the becky L

On Super Heros

Question: Who’s your favorite superhero and/or supervillain?

Tama Tonga: wolverine, night crawler, gambit, archangel cable,

i was an xmen comic fan growing up

On The Future

Question: Where do you see yourself and bullet club in 5 years?

Tama Tonga: Retired

On Future Members Of The Family Training

you never really know to be honest but there is a younger brother coming through and also a younger cousin starting training

On His Honest Opinion Of Kenny Omega

intelligent and one hell of a wrestler

Tonga would also say that he still gets in trouble for swearing from time to time.