Spoiler-Free Wrestling Update For July 17th, 2019

Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens

Here is your spoiler-free wrestling update for Wednesday, July 17th, 2019.

  1. Site Updates
  2. Spoiler-Free Lineup for NXT tonight
  3. Wrestling News
    1. Harley Race health update
    2. Bayley vs Ember Moon confirmed for SummerSlam
    3. Braun Strowman signs a new deal
    4. Dolph Ziggler tells USA Today he’s jealous of Kofi Kingston
    5. Chris Jericho comments on if AEW Needs CM Punk

Site Updates

Spoiler-Free Lineup for NXT Tonight

7/10/19 (taped 4/20/19)
Download Festival
Donington Park
Leicestershire, England, UK

  • Kassius Ohno vs Mark Andrews

NXT #511
July 17th, 2019 (taped June 12th-13th, 2019)
Full Sail University
Winter Park, Florida

  • NXT Championship
    Adam Cole (c) vs TBD
  • WWE NXT Breakout Tournament First Round 
    Bronson Reed vs. Dexter Lumis
  • Matt Riddle vs Arturo Ruas
  • Apollo Crews vs KUSHIDA

Wrestling News

Harley Race Health Update

WLW sent out the following update regarding Harley Race’s condition on Instagram:

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An update that have been wanting to know about in regards to the boss's situation over the weekend. This past weekend, he was scheduled to attend the Knoxville Fanboy Expo. While traveling to Knoxville, he exhibited some signs that needed to be addressed by medical personnel. He has been in the hospital since Thursday evening and that's where he currently is. Due to privacy concerns, no specific information will be given out about his current health status or anything of the sort. All that can and will be said is that Harley Race was, is, and will always be a fighter. He doesn't know anything else and he hasn't thrown in the towel and he has promised that as long as it is up to him, that won't be an option. His health is obviously top priority and with that being said, all of his upcoming appearances will be immediately cancelled. All promoters have been notified about the situation and we here are currently trying to come up with a solution to rectify the situation the best way possible. Unfortunately, since this situation has taken place while traveling to a signing, he is currently in a hospital that is pretty far away from home that has his family there with him. So, in an effort to help out with the un-expected expenses, we are selling t-shirts of which profits will be given directly to the situation. The link to purchase the t-shirts is below. We appreciate the support whether or not you purchase a t-shirt. This is just a little extra help when it is needed. The price of the shirt that has an exclusive design for both front and back prints are $24.99 (plus S&H). All shirts are going to start to be shipped on August 9, 2019. Regardless, please continue to support Harley Race, The Harley Race Wrestling Academy, and World League Wrestling. All events and camps are going to take place as scheduled and we look forward to keeping it that way because that is what Harley Race would do. We look forward to getting him back home and continuing to have the Greatest Wrestler on God's Green Earth. To order, visit http://www.harleyrace.com/hrfundraiser.html

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Bayley vs Ember Moon confirmed for SummerSlam

WWE confirmed on their website today that Bayley’s title defense against Ember Moon will take place at SummerSlam despite this not being specifically mentioned on Smackdown last night.

Braun Strowman signs a new deal

Braun Strowman confirmed he signed a new 4-year deal with WWE on his Instagram account:

Dolph Ziggler tells USA Today he’s jealous of Kofi Kingston

USA Today interviewed Dolph Ziggler. During the interview, he said he was jealous of Kofi Kingston’s success.

“I’m genuinely, as a person and a performer, jealous of Kofi and his success,” Ziggler said. “So I would like to beat him — and I would like to beat him in front of a big crowd.”

“It’s something that’s happened for a really long time. Sometimes it’s been just for bragging rights. Sometimes it’s been for the intercontinental title, the U.S. title,” Ziggler said of his rivalry with Kofi. “But in this situation, Kofi-Mania was running wild at Wrestlemania and now he’s jumped into this elite level as an up and coming, possible greatest WWE champion of all time. … I genuinely am happy for him. It just kills me that it’s not me instead of him.”