Spoiler Free Wrestling News Update May 30th, 2019

Wrestling News Update May 30th, 2019

Kofi Kingston Arrives In Ghana

The WWE Champion is on a 4-day trip to his home of Ghana. Kingston hasn’t been back to the country in 26 years.

Jon Moxley Talk Is Jericho Episode

Jon Moxley appeared on Chris Jericho’s podcast yesterday and Jericho has already announced it is the most downloaded episode he’s ever done. It reached that level just 10 hours after being posted. Moxley does not hold back at all during the interview regarding his struggles with WWE creative.

“It’s like they take wrestling away from you,” Moxley said about WWE. “Wrestling is my first love, my only love besides my wife, the thing I’m most passionate about. I love it. I feel like now I’ve got it back finally. Since I was a little kid, I was obsessed. Just watching tapes, always watching tapes, always thinking of promos, watching all the wrestling. I loved pacing around my house just thinking of promos. Waking up in the middle of the night cause you just thought of a cool line, a way to tell a story in a match or whatever, and then I’m just pacing through the house cutting promos to myself in a mirror.”

“I never looked at it. I didn’t look at it. I didn’t want to,” Moxley told Chris Jericho on his podcast when asked about the deal WWE offered him to stay. “I remember thinking at one point earlier on in thinking about the decision, what if they offer me $10 million? Like a Brock [Lesnar] contract. What if they just offer me $10 million?

“What am I going to do with $10 million? My truck is paid off. My house is paid off. My mother’s house is paid off. I got everything I need. What am I going to do with $10 million? Am I going to go buy a Maserati? I don’t live like that. There’s literally no number they could put on a piece of paper that would get me to stay.”

Bully Ray on Jon Moxley’s Frustrations

Bully Ray said on Busted Open Radio today that he can relate with Jon Moxley’s frustrations.

“There were things that went on, and I don’t want to make this about me but you asked,” he continued. “There were things that went on in my career there with D-Von where we would show up and basically we were like ‘are you out of your mind?’ You’re serious? You really want us to do this?’”

“When Vince decided to split me and D-Von up, we told him ‘it’s not going to work’,” Bully said. “Low and behold, it did not work.”

“Everything (Moxley) is saying about being handed wonky lines or being put in scenarios that are – where you’re just trying to tread water – completely relate to everything,” Bully continued. “And you know what? If Tommy Dreamer was on, he could relate to it.”

Jeff Cobb To Challenge Matt Taven For ROH Championship

ROH announced today that Jeff Cobb will challenge Matt Taven for the ROH World Championship at Best in the World from Baltimore on June 28th:

Daniel Bryan SI.com Interview

Daniel Bryan took part in an interview with SI.com. Some highlights are below:

“I did not think I would ever be back here in the manner I am now,” admitted Bryan. “I felt, at first, like it showed a little bit in my work that I was gone. I felt like, ‘I feel good, I feel like I move smoothly in the ring, but mentally I can’t work as fast as I did before.’ That’s what happens.

“There are people who say, ‘I only want to do this for three or four more years,’ or ‘I only want to do this until I’m 45,’” said Bryan. “No. I want to do this until I’m 70. Months before I die, I want to be doing a wrestling show. I won’t be able to do the stuff I do now, but I want to go out and do this thing I’ve been passionate about wrestling my entire life. I want to do that my whole life.”

Ronda Rousey Gets Her Cast Off

Ronda Rousey posted a video to her YouTube channel of her getting her cast off.

Luchasaurus is All Elite

Luchasaurus was officially announced as a member of the AEW roster. He sent out a notice following this announcement that he is still taking indy bookings until the fall.

MVP Viceland Documentary

VICELAND’s episode of the Wrestlers will focus on MVP this week. He was read here. to promote the show.

“My life is an open book,” MVP said. “As a teenager I was into gangs and guns and nonsense. I was all about robberies, I used to say the world was my ATM, I ended up doing six-and-a-half months in the juvenile facility for robbery, armed robbery, aggravated assault, grand theft auto, resisting arrest. It was a nice little crime spree I was on.”

Rachel Evers Okay After Being Hit By Drunk Driver

Rache Evers posted the following in response to being okay after being hit by a drunk driver.

Velvet Sky Is Still Retired

The Allure in Ring of Honor consists of Mandy Leone, Velvet Sky, and Angelina Love. Sky says she’s still retired, however, and will be serving as a manager to the other two members only.

“I still stand as being retired in the ring. Back when I announced that in 2016, I made it clear that I retired from in-ring action only,” she to WrestleZone.

“That’s still my stance, and I’m in a non-wrestling role in The Allure. I’m more the managerial mouthpiece, directing traffic, and Mandy and Angelina are going to be the ass-kickers of the group. We’re The Allure as a group, but we also have our own individual identities as Angelina being the badass, me being the brains and Mandy being the bombshell.”

Terri Runnels Comments On Recent Arrest

TMZ reported that Terri Runnels was recently arrested at the Tampa airport for accidentally bringing a handgun. She sent out the following saying it was an “honest mistake.”