Ryback Plans To Return To Wrestling In 2020

Ryback WWE
Ryback WWE

Former WWE wrestler Ryback recently sat down with Chris Van Vliet and spoke about wanting to return to wrestling next year. In the interview, Ryback says he’s had stem cell therapy done on his back and is feeling great. When he’s feeling healthy enough, Ryback says he plans to make the call to return.

Ryback Interview Highlights

On returning to wrestling next year:

“I’ve been told I have a meeting (with WWE) whenever I want,” Ryback said. “Now, how true that is, I don’t know, don’t really care. Getting my health back is my main priority.”

“I never want to return to it 4-5 days a week,” he said. “People always ask, when I’m healthy and when I know when I’m going to be available I will pick up the phone and make a phone call and we’ll go from there.”

On legally changing his name to Ryback:

“I didn’t necessarily want to do that,” Ryback said. “If my wrestling name was Grizzly Bear, I wasn’t going to change my name to that more likely than not. I looked at it like Ryback/Ryan, that’s not too bad.”

On Trademark issues with WWE over Ryback name:

“I actually sent Mark Carrano a message last week, nothing mean, just ‘I would really appreciate it if you guys dropped this on your own. I’m going to be really upset if you don’t.'”