Ross & Marshall Von Erich Sign With Major League Wrestling

Von Erich Boys Sign With MLW
Von Erich Boys Sign With MLW

Major League Wrestling (MLW) has signed Ross and Marshall Von Erich. The brothers are the sons of Kevin Von Erich, who was featured recently on the Vice documentary “The Last of the Von Erichs.”

“Ross and Marshall are not only world-class athletes but world-class people,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer. “I look forward to seeing their journey as they write a new chapter and usher in the future for their family and for pro wrestling fans around the world.”

The brothers were both born in Texas but moved with their father to the Hawaiian island of Kauai in 2007. They both still call the island home.

Marshall Von Erich

The massive 6’4” 250-pound Marshall Von Erich (26) loves three things: surfing, fishing and fighting. Without a doubt, the younger and physically bigger brother is a certified Hawaiian hoss.  Combining explosive power with speed and agility, very few if any can match the charismatic grappler’s fusion of styles,  especially at his size.

Ross Von Erich

Ross (30) wastes no movement, systematically focusing on his opponents’ weaknesses until they are too tired to endure his blitzing offense. Featuring fast and furious brawling, cutting-edge grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsui mat work, his arsenal also includes uncanny aerial attacks.

Proud and serious, Ross Von Erich mixes technical wrestling, brawling, MMA and aerial attacks to make for a customized hybrid wrestling style.

Von Erichs vs the Hart Foundation?

There is already one famous wrestling family making noise in MLW. The Hart Foundation currently hold the promotion’s tag team and middleweight championships. One has to wonder if the Von Erichs and the Harts could end up fighting for family pride against each other.

Von Erich Boys Comment On Signing

“Signing with MLW is a big deal for us,” said Ross. “They are the promotion that has allowed us to be with our dad, help out around the ranch, and still wrestle.”

“We’re able to continue the legacy,” added Marshall. “It’s humbling, we’re honored, and it’s the perfect timing—we’ve never been this ready for this big a stage before.”

“The Von Erich name is not a burden,” continued Ross. “We are grateful for our name, it’s a blessing to be a Von Erich. God gave us the right equipment, and we’re going to go out there and do our best.”

The boys also mentioned they turned down a WWE tryout because wrestling for the promotion would not allow them the lifestyle they want to live.

“WWE encouraged us to come to Florida and try out, and are extremely grateful for the offer, but we want to be as close to our dad as possible,” said Marshall, 26. “For us, MLW is the right home.”

Court Bauer On Signing The Von Erichs:

“They’re fighting for their family name and their future. They represent a new hope and a new chapter in the family’s fabled story.”

“It gives me such hope and excitement to see that story,” said Bauer. “It’s a very personal and exciting journey for all of us, especially Ross and Marshall.”

World Class Championship Wrestling Name

The Von Erichs also noted that WCCW, their grandfather’s promotion where their father and Uncles made their name, was supposed to be named Major League Wrestling:

“World Class Championship Wrestling, our grandpa’s promotion, was originally supposed to be called Major League Wrestling,” said Ross. “We’ve never told anyone that, but our uncles and dad thought it sounded too much like Major League Baseball. So this is a dream come true for us. We couldn’t be happier.”