Ronda Rousey’s Reason for Missing Raw Revealed (nice title, huh?)

Last night on Monday Night Raw, neither Brock Lesnar nor Ronda Rousey was in attendance or appeared on the show. Raw was from Detroit last night and it was revealed Brock Lesnar had no-showed the event. While Lesnar’s no-show was part of the ongoing storyline with Roman Reigns, Rousey’s absence wasn’t explained.

WWE had previously stated Rousey would be at all episodes of Monday Night Raw leading up to WrestleMania. Despite this, Rousey did not appear on Raw last night.

A potential reason for Rousey missing Raw last night was revealed this morning when Rousey appeared on the Ellen show. Ellen Degeneres tapes her show in Los Angeles and last night’s Raw was from Detroit. It would have been difficult for Rousey to commute from Raw to be in LA in time for the Ellen appearance.

Ronda Rousey on the Ellen Degeneres Show

While this cannot be confirmed at this time, it is possible WWE and the Ellen Show worked out Rousey’s appearance last minute. WWE may have felt the appearance on┬áthe Ellen Show would generate more mainstream attention for WrestleMania than Rousey appearing on Raw would.

Rousey explained her switch to pro-wrestling on the show and demonstrated her “Mean Mug” for Ellen.