Rob Van Dam Q&A HIGH-lights

Rob Van Dam
Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam was recently a guest on Reddit for a “Ask Me Anything” session. RVD talked about his current deal with Impact, cannabis in wrestling, and more.

A link to the full AMA is here or highlights are below:

Rob Van Dam AMA HIGHlights

Do you still have that awesome briefcase? When will you appear in the treehouse with The Rascalz? How does Impact Wrestling compare to your time in TNA?

I still have the briefcase, and of course now they paint them all. Impact takes care of me, or I woudn’t be there. I have a much better deal than I had before and everyone there is super respectful and appreciative.

How did you and Mysterio get away with 4:20 as a tag team/finisher name? Did Vince ultimately get the joke?

He asked if it was a drug reference before allowing commentators to put it over.

I told him-via Paul- It was our combined shoe size…Rey Rey -8, Me-12 and we hit them with all 4 legs.

How his body is holding up at 48?

I don’t know what a 48 year old “desk jockey” feels like to compare. Managing pain is part of my every day but I think it always has been since my 20’s. I’m sure it’s adding up, no doubt but as you can see, I can still gots the moves 🙂

Did you have any backup plans for a career in case it didn’t work out, if so what were they? 

When I was younger I wanted to write or draw comics, by the time I was training with the Sheik, I figured I’d be a kickboxer if wrestling didn’t work out

What was going through your head during your match with Hardcore Holly where the table sliced his back open?

I knew Bob was tough and we’d keep going. People forget WWE’s ECW was good for the first few months when I worked with Bob, Test, Sabu, Big Show…before the took away the “ECW means anything goes” substance

On Changing attitudes to cannabis in wrestling

IT makes sense. The world is coming around like I always said it would when people discovered the truths.

People used to tell me I was killing my brain cells and now they’re learning I was protecting them.

What would you say your “wrestling character” is? How would you describe the RVD gimmick?

I think I agree with the way I heard JR describe my character recently… It’s one of my sides, amped up.

Not a far stretch but then quite a different side than my normally quiet and passive foundation. I usually only flex when it’s for business

On the biggest changes he’s seen in wrestling

The “smart” fans think they understand how everything works, and so the current style is to cater to that assumption, rather than to the fans 15 years ago that saw competition in wht they were watching

Who he is excited to have a match with:

I don’t get excited but I have fun when I’m out there, in front of my fans. I see I’m teaming up with Willie Mac and Rick Swan next week, and those boys can go!

What is your opinion on One Night Stand in ‘06? The match, the win, the new coming of ECW?

My greatest attribute to the business, IMO

Do you have any regrets for your career?

I wish I would have sprayed ozium when I got pulled over that time…