Ring of Honor Developing Streaming Service

We are in the “Streaming Era” of professional wrestling as nearly all promotions continue to move away from traditional cable or satellite PPV models. Now you can count Ring of Honor amongst those promotions. Company COO, Joe Koff, recently told media the promotion is planning on developing their own streaming service which they hope to be ready by early 2018.

“It’s in development right now. I would expect it to be around the first of the year or a little bit after. – Joe Koff on ROH Streaming service.”

Fans already have access to on-demand shows via ROHWrestling.com but a streaming service would allow access to all events for a monthly fee.

Joe Koff Interview Highlights

In addition to announcing the developing streaming service, Koff provided other ROH updates during a recent interview with the AV Club.

On the Odds of Daniel Bryan Wrestling in Ring of Honor Again:

“I’m not gonna give you odds, I wouldn’t even know how to set those. Bryan’s under contract with the WWE, from what I understand, until September 2018. If he chooses not to renew that contract, and he is able to wrestle from a health standpoint, I would welcome him. It would be a triumphant return. I think we would be the right place for him, the right fan appreciation, the right respect from the industry plus management plus everybody. But there’s so many variables in that. Even though it’s not far away, a year in wrestling is a long period of time. But he is more than welcomed to come back and I would love to have him on our roster.”

Joe Koff On New Japan Pro-Wrestling Expanding into the United States:

“I love our relationship with New Japan as evidence by what we’re seeing in the center of our country this weekend. They’re a very viable, vibrant, robust promotion. They had a successful show in Long Beach and I was thrilled for it. We did a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff to help them. We have a very solid partnership, one that’s based on respect and integrity. Their philosophy and style of booking is very similar to ours. Together the two make for a stronger in-ring promotion. But they did two shows in U.S., and they have a nice clearance on AXS-TV. Not to take anything away from the quality and what they represent, but quite frankly, ROH has helped them in exposing their talent and exposing their people to a broader audience. We’re over-the-air carrier, you don’t need to pay to get us. If a New Japan star is working on Ring Of Honor television, they’re getting to see that for free. So I think the relationship is mutually beneficial.”

The Current Pro-Wrestling Landscape and ROH’s Place in it:

“I think we are wrestling of 2017. When you see Ring Of Honor and that specific style, it’s more a brand more than a style. If you’re watching The Briscoes wrestle The Addiction, you’re seeing fan expectations being exceeded, but perhaps not in the same way you would see The Young Bucks vs. The Motor City Machine Guns. I think the level of talent is so superior in Ring Of Honor, the guys are so good at what they do, so honed in on their craft. It’s about delivering a great match to the fan. Jay Lethal-Silas Young is going to have a different feel with The War Machine vs. The Briscoes. The fervor and the way fans proceed it is no different. They expect an incredible match. We are there to create a moment, a moment of wrestling amongst the community that is in that arena.”

The full interview can be read here.