Paul Heyman Has 2 New “Paul Heyman Guys”

Paul Heyman has made a habit of aligning with wrestling’s “Next Big Thing”.  According to Heyman, there are 2 prospective “Paul Heyman Guys” waiting in the wings.

The Two New Paul Heyman Guys

Enes Kanter

26-year-old Center for the New York Knicks Enes Kanter is hoping to pick-up a WWE career once his professional basketball playing days are done. Heyman and Kanter have been in contact with each other and Kanter is serious about a wrestling career.

Vice caught up with Kanter and asked him about his pro-wrestling ambition:

“I’m actually talking to the people over there now. Vince McMahon, he knows me,” Kanter said. “I had dinner with [Paul Heyman] two, three days ago. I asked him how long he’s gonna do this and he said ‘as long as Brock [Lesnar] goes, I go, and then I’m with you.’ I’m like yes! Seriously. I’m really serious about it.”

Kanter is a big Undertaker fan. Standing in at just under 7-feet tall, Kanter would be an attraction in a WWE ring. His career might be a ways off, however, as Kanter has said he doesn’t want to wrestle until after his NBA career is over. He hopes that day won’t come until the 26-year-old is in his mid-30s.

Gable Stevenson

Another man WWE and UFC may have to fight over is Gable Stevenson. Stop if you’ve heard this story before: Collegiate wrestler from Minnesota has a WWE career in his sights. Stevenson is 13-0 in his collegiate career and Paul Heyman has him pegged as a future Paul Heyman guy.

While Steveson will be the future sports superstar to watch as both WWE and UFC bid for his services in the next few years, we’d like to take a moment to say Tate Orndorff is a great name. – Heyman Hustle website

Starting off a pro-wrestling career already as an established Paul Heyman guy might be a lot of pressure. With a name like Tate Orndorff, however.

Heyman might not even be done scouting his next generation of talent.