NWA To Produce Studio TV Show From Atlanta

Beginning in October, the National Wrestling Alliance will be back on television. The promotion unveiled in a YouTube video posted yesterday that they will be taping a studio show from Atlanta.

“We are very grateful to those people who shared the stage with us, most recently Ring of Honor,” Billy Corgan said. “But now it’s our time to step forward, it’s our time to put the NWA back in the spotlight and run on its own oxygen.”

Billy Corgan on NWA Studio Show in Atlanta Beginning in October

Corgan spoke about the difference between studio wrestling and modern-day weekly wrestling TV in the video:

“One of the biggest issues professional wrestling faces at the highest levels is production which is kind of a boring subject and because of the success of the major companies over the last 20 or 30 years, the audience has gotten used to really big looks,” Corgan says in the video.

“The professional wrestling that I grew up on was really more about the personalities being locked in a pressure cooker of a television studio which made you want to go see the big shows.”

Network For NWA Show?

No news has been announced as it concerns a network for the show but a report from the Wrestling Observer noted that should Corgan not be able to find a home for the show, they will air it on YouTube and through social media.