NWA 70th Anniversary Show This Sunday, Full Lineup & more… (Daily Update)

Cody vs Aldis II
Cody vs Aldis II

Here is your Spoiler-Free Wrestling update for October 19th, 2018. We start with the upcoming NWA 70th Anniversary show.

Billy Corgan On Where The NWA Will Be In 2019

Billy Corgan did an interview with the Ringer to promote the upcoming NWA 70th Anniversary show on Sunday. He talked about where he sees wrestling going in the next year and where he sees the NWA in 2019.

“I don’t need anybody’s financing, I don’t need anybody’s TV network. I can operate on my own and do exactly as I please. And so that gives me sort of a different ability on a street level to pursue what I think is the coming market.”

“The question is as simple as this: This alternate kind of universe, this 24/7 collection of disparate forces that now exist, non-WWE in the world, they are going to come together at some point. Because the market will dictate it. Cody and the Bucks have already proven that that’s there. And I feel pretty strongly in saying that I think everybody in the business, including WWE, is aware that that’s coming. The question is, who’s going to write the check to decide which direction it’s going to go in?”

The full article is available here. 

NWA 70th Anniversary
October 21st, 2018
Nashville Fairgrounds
Nashville, TN

  1. NWA World Heavyweight Championship
    Best 2-out-of-3 Falls
    Cody (c) vs Nick Aldis
  2. NWA World Women’s Championship
    Jazz (c) vs Penelope Ford
  3. NWA National Heavyweight Championship
    TBD vs TBD
  4. NWA National Heavyweight Championship Semi-Final
    Fatal 4-way
    Willie Mack vs Jay Bradley vs Mike Parrow vs Ricky Starks
  5. NWA National Heavyweight Championship Semi-Final
    Fatal 4-way
    Colt Cabana vs Sammy Guevera vs Scorpio Sky vs Sam Shaw
  6. Tim Storm vs Peter Avalon
  7. Crimson and Jax Dane w/Road Warrior Animal vs The Kingdom of Josephus
  8. Laredo Kid vs Barrett Brown

NXT Wrestlers Released

Tian Bing, Jason Cheng, and Gabriel Ealy were quietly released from WWE recently according to a recent report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Bing was on NXT this week.

Jim Ross Comments On The Elite Possibly Leaving NJPW

JR made some comments on his podcast this week regarding members of the Elite possibly leaving NJPW. This isn’t the first time Ross has implied as such, sort of odd considering he does play-by-play for NJPW on AXS. Perhaps he knows something we don’t.

“As I said early on, the card for the Ring of Honor Madison Square Garden Show, with New Japan, will probably look entirely different then, compared to what one would assume it look like if it was booked today.”

“I think there’s gonna be a lot of movement with some of the biggest stars in the game.”

“Just picking up a little bit here, a little bit there, and I’ll keep you apprised”

“I’m talking to a lot of these cats that have opportunities to do other things, casually… I think some people’s motors are running and the wheels are turning”

Sounds as though Ross has been involved in some discussions recently. If that doesn’t sound like a guy sitting on some interesting information they can’t talk about, I don’t know what does.

New Japan Pro Wrestling Super Junior Tag League Continues

The Super Junior Tag League night 3 went today in Japan. NJPWWorld is only releasing the tournament matches on delay. We’ll have an updated NJPW Territory Report up this weekend.