New AEW TV Details Revealed

Jim Ross on AEW TV debut
Jim Ross on AEW TV debut

Jim Ross had Conrad Thompson as his guest this week on his podcast and the pair dropped a few new details on AEW television. Previously Ross revealed that AEW TV is expected to debut in October on a major network. Here are the new details that JR and Thompson revealed on the Ross Report.

AEW TV – Tuesday Nights

It had been rumored that AEW TV was bound for Tuesday nights. This was the case from the get-go when a trademark for the name “Tuesday Night Dynamite” was filed. JR said on his podcast that he was asked about doing the new WWE in-studio show on FS1 in the fall but now that he’s signed with AEW, he still expects to be on television Tuesday nights.

“So that show starts in October?” Thompson asked in regards to AEW TV.

“That’s what it says,” a coy Ross responded.

“And it’s on Tuesday in October?” Thompson’s first follow-up question stated.

“Yep,” responded JR.

“You reckon you might be on TV in October on Tuesdays?” Thompson continued.

“There’s a chance it could happen,” Ross continued.

“Well maybe not on FS1 but somewhere,” said Thompson.

“Somewhere, it’ll be worked out folks,” Ross concluded.

AEW debuting on a major network on Tuesday nights in October is significant as WWE Smackdown will move from Tuesday nights to Friday nights when they move to Fox. The first Smackdown on Fox is expected to take place Friday, October 4th, 2019. AEW TV could then potentially fill the void for wrestling fans who have grown accustomed to watching wrestling on Tuesday nights.

AEW Will Use 3-Man Commentary Booth

Another detail Ross and Thompson revealed on the podcast is that AEW will be going with a 3-man commentary booth. The AEW commentary team will consist of Jim Ross, Alex Marvez, and Excalibur

“I’m not a big fan of three-man booths,” Ross says.

“I’m even less of a fan of three-man booths when it’s with people I’ve never worked with.”

“So how do you fix that? If the company wants a three-man booth, we’ll give them a three-man booth,” says Ross.

“But we’ve got to prepare for it.”

JR mentioned that the 3 commentators are currently practicing to get used to each other’s tendencies.

AEW Double or Nothing takes place May 25th from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.