Multiple Lucha Underground Stars File Legal Action Against El Rey Network

Lucha Underground stars are taking legal action.
Lucha Underground stars are taking legal action.

3 Lucha Underground stars are seeking their release from the company and a 4th is seeking financial compensation.

Lucha Central broke the story yesterday that Joey Ryan, Ivelisse, and Kobra Moon are seeking to obtain releases from the company. To that end, they have filed a class action lawsuit against the El Rey Network and Baba-G Productions.

In a separate suit, El Hijo Del Fantasma (King Cuerno) has also filed suit against the company seeking financial compensation.

All 4 wrestlers are represented by lawyer Andre Verdun, who has previously wrestled himself under the name Youth Suicide.

Lucha Underground Luchadors Seek Release From Contract

Lucha Central spoke to Verdun about the two different cases. He said he has been helping LU stars get releases from their contracts but recently has encountered increased opposition.

“Until now, everyone that I assisted has been released without the need for litigation,” Verdun said. “Lucha Underground appears to be pushing back in midst of what appears to be a mass exodus by their top stars if they can get their release.”

In the case of Fantasma, Verdun clarified he is not seeking his release.

“(Fantasma’s) lawsuit is not a tactic to get his release,” Verdun continued. “It is just a lawsuit saying essentially, ‘Had you not used this legal contract to prevent me from taking these other opportunities, I would have made money, and therefore you should compensate me’.”

Verdun provided further details regarding the suit seeking to obtain releases for Joey Ryan, Ivelisse, and Kobra Moon. He continued to say that it had originally been incorrectly reported that Fantasma was seeking his release. Verdun noted it is understandable some assumed this was what Fantasma’s suit was seeking.

“My office filed as a class action to invalidate certain portions of their contracts that we believe are illegal,” Verdun said. “There are several wrestlers that have signed onto that lawsuit, others that have reached out requesting to join. So that lawsuit actually seeks to do what it I saw reported that Fantasma’s lawsuit is attempting to accomplish. I am sure it was reported that way because so many people have been searching for help in getting released.”

You can read the full interview with Andre Verdun here.