MLW Fusion #84 Results & Rankings

MLW Fusion #84
MLW Fusion #84

MLW Fusion #84 Results & Rankings

Table of Contents:

  1. Results
  2. Upcoming Matches
  3. MLW Rankings
  4. Injuries
  5. Championship Landscape


MLW Fusion
taped: November 9th, 2019
Gilt Nightclub
Orlando, Florida

MLW Fusion #83:

  1. Low-Ki defeated Timothy Thatcher
  2. MLW Middleweight Championship
    Myron Reed defeated Teddy Hart (c) – New Champion

MLW Fusion #84:

  1. Marshall Von Erich defeated Ikuro Kwon via DQ
  2. Dominic Garrini & Douglas James defeated Richard Holliday & Alex Hammerstone via count-out
  3. Tom Lawlor defeated Davey Boy Smith Jr.

MLW Archives

Upcoming Matches

MLW Fusion #85:

  • The Spider Lady vs Zeda Zhang
  • Falls Count Anywhere
    Jimmy Havoc vs Mance Warner

MLW: Opera Cup 2019
December 5th, 2019
Melrose Ballroom
New York City, New York

  • Opera Cup 2019 (1st Round)
    Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs Alex Hammerstone
  • Opera Cup 2019 (1st Round)
    TJP vs Brian Pillman Jr.
  • Opera Cup 2019 (1st Round)
    Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs Shinjiro Otani


  • #3 Dominic Garrini & Douglas James were added to the tag rankings.
World Heavyweight Champion: Jacob Fatu (Contra Unit)
National Openweight Champion: Alexander Hammerstone (Dynasty)
  1. Tom Lawlor
  2. LA Park (Battle Riott II Winner)
  3. Low-Ki
  4. Davey Boy Smith Jr. (Hart Foundation)
  5. Mance Warner
  6. Josef Samael (Contra Unit)
  7. Ace Romero
  8. Simon Gotch (Contra Unit)
  9. Brian Pillman Jr. (Hart Foundation)
  10. Barrington Hughes
  11. Leo Brien

Middleweight Champion: Myron Reed (Injustice)

  1. Teddy Hart (Hart Foundation)
  2. Low-Ki
  3. Maxwell Jacob Friedman (Dynasty)
  4. Austin Aries
  5. Jimmy Havoc
  6. Ricky Martinez (Promociones Dorado)
  7. Bestia 666 (Promociones Dorado)
  8. Kotto Brazil (Injustice)
  9. Air Wolf
  10. Rey Horus
  11. Zenshi
  12. El Hijo De LA Park

MLW Tag-Team Champions: Ross & Marshall Von Erich

  1. Maxwell Jacob Friedman & Richard Holliday (Dynasty)
  2. Teddy Hart & Davey Boy Smith Jr. (Hart Foundation)
  3. Contra Unit (Josef Samael, Jacob Fatu, Simon Gotch)
  4. Dominic Garrini & Douglas James
  5. Ace Romero & Barrington Hughes
  6. Promociones Dorado (Ricky Martinez, El Hijo de LA Park, Low-Ki, LA Park)


  • Teddy Hart (fireball to the face) no timetable (11/11/19)

Championship Landscape

MLW World Heavyweight Championship
Champion: Jacob Fatu
Won: defeated Tom Lawlor (7/6/19)
Title Defenses: 2
Challengers: defeated Tom Lawlor (7/25/19), defeated LA Park (11/2/19)

MLW World Middleweight Championship
Champion: Teddy Hart
Won: from Vacant (Zero Hour)
Title Defenses: 6
Challengers: defeated MJF (Superfight 2/2/19), defeated Myron Reed (IG 3/2/19), defeated Ace Austin (BRII 4/5/19), defeated Jimmy Havoc (6/1/19), defeated Maxwell Jacob Friedman (7/25/19), defeated Austin Aries (11/2/19)

MLW World Tag Team Champions
Champion: Ross & Marshall Von Erich
Won: from the Dynasty (11/2/19)
Title Defenses: 0

National Openweight Championship
Champion: Alexander Hammerstone
Won: inaugural champion (defeated Brian Pillman Jr. in finals of tournament)
Title defenses: 3
Challengers: defeated Kotto Brazil (7/6/19), defeated Savio Vega (7/25/19), defeated Davey Boy Smith Jr. (11/2/19)