Minoru Suzuki Cuts Ominous Promo After Title Defense

As we have reported previously, Minoru Suzuki is an evil, sadistic man. Which is why few are surprised at Suzuki’s post-match comments from the recent NJPW Anniversary Show.

Minoru Suzuki (c) vs. Togi Makabe

Suzuki’s comments came on the heels of his successful title defense against Togi Makabe. Suzuki needed just under 20 minutes to defeat Makabe for his 1st successful defense of the IWGP Intercontinental Championship.

The match between the two started out as a brawl but Suzuki would eventually begin to target Makabe’s knee. This only increased after Makabe missed a King Kong Knee Drop later in the match. Suzuki was unable to make Makabe tap, however, and he struggled initially to get Makabe up for the Gotch Piledriver as well. In the end, Suzuki was finally able to get his opponent up for his finisher and pinned him to earn the victory.

Suzuki grabbed the microphone after the match and cut a promo which can only be described as vague and ominous. His comments to the press in the back only furthered this trend.

Minoru Suzuki Post-Match Comments

Suzuki’s promo loosely referred to unnamed wrestlers coming to “step on his head”. He failed to be specific, though. To Suzuki perhaps, it doesn’t matter who is coming for him, he only knows they are on their way.

“I know there’s more of them out there, stepping on my head..” Minoru Suzuki, NJPW Anniversary March 6th, 2018

Suzuki lifted his eyes to the ceiling as if it were ghosts of passed-on legends coming after him. When a fan yelled out for Suzuki to give a name to the people he is talking about, Suzuki snapped back at them,

“Who am I talking about? You don’t even know anything about pro-wrestling.”

As his fans began to voice their support for him, Suzuki quickly shot down any applause or approval. He then dared the crowd to attack him, proudly exclaiming he would kill them all if they did.

Minoru Suzuki Backstage Comments

Things only got weirder when he faced the press backstage. Suzuki continued making ominous claims and threats to the press even as his music could still be heard in the background.

He turned his attention momentarily to Will Ospreay and Kazuchika Okada, who woud be coming out shortly to main event the show.

“I sacrifice my body and I’m in the semi-final. Those two are just playing and in the main event?”

Quickly after making the comment about Ospreay and Okada, however, Suzuki turned his attention to New Japan Pro Wrestling. He critisized the promotion for using history as a way to sell tickets. Finally, as he seemingly spiralled further into madness, Suzuki began making claims of seizing power.

“As time goes on, everything will eventually be in my hands. Everything. All of the world’s treasures.”

The 49-year-old co-founder of Pancrase is promising something, though he is not clear about what. Whatever it is, however, he promises it’s coming soon.

“It’s not far off. It’s already coming”