Matt Hardy’s Monday Promo: Complete Transcript & Translation

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt had a back-and-forth promo last night from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The below article transcribes and translates the promo.


Bray Wyatt: “Who is Matt Hardy? I know, the universe knows, but I don’t think he knows.”

Matt Hardy: “Yeeeeeeees. For millennia my soul has wandered through space and time but not all who wander are lost”


  • Bray, as per usual, feels he knows more about his opponent than they know about themselves.
  • Matt is communicating he is able to travel across the space-time continuum but does so out of his own free-will.

Matt Hardy’s Time-Travel Ability Gives Him an Advantage

Bray Wyatt: “Matt Hardy is a fool, a charade, an allusion to mask his own failures and insecurities. Matt Hardy knows nothing of what is actually real.”

Matt Hardy: “I am well versed in all facets of the multi-verse. I have studied at the library of Alexandria, battled alongside Genghis Khan, danced with Cleopatra, held symposiums with Plato, and meditated atop the Great Pyramid of Giza.”


  • Wyatt is expressing his belief that Matt is a not his true self but rather an invented one.
  • Hardy is able to travel through space and time and this has opened up a world of possibilities for him.


The Great Library of Alexandria:

  • Built in 3rd century BC, this library was dedicated to the 9 Gods of the Arts, collectively known as the Muses. It was built in Alexandria, Egypt and lasted until it was destroyed during the civil war in 48 BC. Everything was in scrolls, which seems like a fitting way for Matt Hardy to read things.

The Great Pyramid of Giza:

  • Ancient Egypt is a popular hotspot for Matt’s travels through time. He meditated atop the Great Pyramid of Giza, which is the largest of the 3 Giza pyramids. They estimate it was built around 2580-2560 BC, so quite a trip through time.

Hardy is most likely indicating to Bray that his access to history gives him an advantage in their rivalry.

Bray Wyatt: “The ramblings of a madman can be very dangerous. Especially for those of you who listen.”

Matt Hardy: “Due to my condition, I have laid dormant inside this vessel called Mathew Hardy but now thanks to the consumer of terrestrial entities (eater of worlds), I have been Woken!”


  • Bray has been delivering these promos on the main roster for 4.5 years now…
  • Evidently, the loss to Wyatt is what has Woken his Broken character. After his loss to Bray on Monday, Matt began turning into his Broken/Woken character and led the crowd in a “Delete!” chant.

Bray Wyatt: “Last week was not Matt Hardy’s breaking point, it was mine. I actually feel alive again, my heart is pumping, and there is a fire in me that is only growing stronger. My  fire won’t cleanse you, my fire won’t save you, my fire will make sure all of you burn.”

Matt Hardy: “Bray Wyatt, you left me with no choice, I sentence you to DELETION”

There was then 40 seconds of them going back and forth with maniacal laughter.


  • They are both motivated to defeat each other in this rivalry.