Matt Hardy Releases Latest “Free The Delete” Video

Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy has released the latest episode in his “Free the Delete” video series. The video series has been running for the last few months and features Hardy returning to his “Broken” persona.

The video can be viewed in its entirety in the player below:

Matt Hardy – Free The Delete Video Series

In “FREE THE DELETE” Episode 7, Matt learns the dark fate of ZENITH, the ESSENCE housed inside his VESSEL. This devastating news leaves Matt in a state of LIMBO. A gathering of family and friends occurs in the #HouseHardy Starcade Arcade, with hopes it will help Matt overcome his disappointment and depression.

Matt Hardy’s RAW statistics since last year’s WrestleMania via Cagematch can be found here.

Matt Hardy WWE Contract Situation

Hardy returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33 along with his brother Jeff. The Hardy Boyz won the RAW tag team titles on that card in a ladder match. Jeff Hardy is currently on the shelf with an injury while Matt is on a minor losing streak on RAW.

Matt Hardy’s WWE contract is said to be up in March and negotiations are believed to have hit a snag. Jeff Hardy’s contract is believed to have had additional time added to it due to injury.

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