Lucha Underground Weekly Report (September 23rd, 2018)

Lucha Underground

Marty “the Moth” Martinez Lucha Underground Champion

In what was a shocking episode this week, Marty Martinez is the new Lucha Underground Champion. Martinez joins Prince Puma, Mil Muertes, Fenix, Johnny Mundo, Sexy Star, and Matanza Cueto as those to wear the title belt.

At the conclusion of last week’s show, Martinez was shown in Cueto’s office. Martinez said he wanted a Gift of the Gods title match but then laid more money on the table and said there was something else he wanted as well. Evidently, the other thing Martinez wanted was to be able to cash-in the GOG title whenever he wants instead of having to wait a week.

Martinez had an easy road to the GOG title as well. Fenix went dark in the previous match, continuing his character change since being given his life back. Fenix had been on the losing side of a Grave Consequences match and since returning from the other side has had a darker and more sinister attitude. El Dragon Azteca ran out to prevent Fenix from attacking Melissa Santos but ended up getting attacked by Fenix in the process. This allowed Martinez to swoop in and pick up the victory.

Martinez then attacked Pentagon Dark after the champion had just won a triple threat match against Mil Muertes and King Cuerno. That’s when Cueto came out to announce the Moth did not have to wait a week to cash in the GOG title. Martinez wouldn’t win the title right away, however. Chelsea Green made her LU debut and delivered a Canadian Destroyer Piledriver to Pentagon which then allowed Martinez to hit a package piledriver, get the pin and become the new Lucha Underground Champion.

Gift Of The Gods Title Re-Set

El Dragon Azteca had said he was waiting to cash in the GOG title till Ultima Lucha IV but that plan is out the window now. Cueto will have to re-set the title so expect medallion matches to take place on Lucha Underground until all 7 have been spoken for and a new champion can be crowned.

Jeff Cobb Says He’s Done After Current Season

While ROH and NJPW fans may be excited about Jeff Cobb’s pending free agency, Lucha Underground fans will not be. The performer behind Matanza Cueto said on X-Pac’s podcast he is finished with the company once the current season has aired.

“I hope they don’t try to mess with me in the end but from what I was told going into season 4 is that I was good to go. I think if they try to get somebody else (to play Matanza Cueto), it wouldn’t be as good as the original.”

Killer Kross To Debut In The Temple

In the back, Paul London visited the great White Rabbit, played by Killer Kross. London was told that Kross wanted to debut in the temple.

Pentagon and Fenix Contract Update

MLW announced that the brothers are committed to Lucha Underground through 2019 and will be continuing with MLW as well. It’s believed they will continue with Impact Wrestling in 2019 as well.

Lucha Underground
September 19th, 2018

  1. Fenix defeated Aerostar
  2. Gift of the Gods Championship
    Marty “the Moth” Martinez defeated El Dragon Azteca (c)
  3. Lucha Underground Championship
    Pentagon Dark (c) defeated King Cuerno and Mil Muertes (triple threat)
  4. Lucha Underground Championship
    Marty “the Moth” Martinez defeated Pentagon Dark (c)