Lucha Underground Season 4 To Begin Airing This Summer

According to the General Manager of both AAA Lucha Libre and Lucha Underground, Dorian Roldan, Lucha Underground’s 4th season will begin airing this summer.

Roldan’s Tweet loosely translates to:

“Today we find ourselves in the Underground fight recordings. Founded in 2014, with more than 100 episodes already recorded, it premieres its season 4 during the summer of 2018 by the channel in USA.”


Leaked Results

The unique Lucha Underground began filming their 4th season on February 23rd, 2018 and have been filming most weekends since then. The company has had to deal with spoilers being leaked from attending fans to anonymous-source based wrestling news sites. Fans in attendance for Lucha Underground tapings are required to sign a non-disclosure deal before attending. This prevents them from telling websites about what happened. Only some fans have been giving these details to websites regardless.

Be careful of Wikipedia, which also contains spoilers for Season 4. Our website will never include spoilers for matches that have not aired and will not include anything in our headlines which will spoil match results which have aired in the last 24 hours.;

Lucha Underground Season 4 Non-Spoiler Details

The details the company has officially released are details they want fans to know about. They told media outlet, Uproxx, Season 4 will take place inside a new temple which will have a distinct feel and theme to it.

Speaking to Uproxx on the new temple, here is what producer, Eric Van Wagenen, had to say:

“I think when you have to make your set a character, and that was one thing we were really good about doing with the temple, is that the temple became a character,” van Wagenen said. “This was a legitimate cold storage building for 67 years. It’s now been repurposed for a set. But if you look around you see that this was a place where they kept things cold and where they made ice. So if you start with that, and then build outward I think it makes everything much easier. And it feels authentic, and just walking around this place sets a certain mood.”

Season 4 To Run on a Smaller Budget

One challenge head writer Chris DeJoseph has pointed out the promotion has for Season 4, is working on a smaller budget.

“I think one of the things we’ve been challenged with this season is how to make this show more efficient. When you have three swings at something, you get a good sense of how to do that. A lot of our talent will be staying here for the run of the show. This will be home base. Not only will we be shooting vignettes during the week, and wrestling tapings on the weekends, guys will be coming here and spending a lot of time here. And if I know our cast, I know that they will all be constantly trying to one up each other, and constantly be looking for the angles and the cool spots and the things that are going to blow people away. They’re very competitive.”