Lucha Underground S03E33 Results and Updated Win/Loss Records

Lucha Underground
Los Angeles, CA
the Temple

1. Son of Madness defeated Mascarita Sagrada

  • Son of Madness improves his Lucha Underground record to 1-1 with the win. He had previously lost to Son of Havoc in the 1st round of the Cueto Cup.
  • For Sagrada, he drops to 3-6 all-time in LU single’s matches.
  • After the match, Son of Havoc attacked Son of Madness and Dario Cueto booked a match between the two of them (with an Aztec medallion on the line) for the night’s main event.

2. Marty “the Moth” Martinez defeated Argenis

  • Martinez improves to 4-7-1 in his Lucha Underground career (just single’s matches).
  • Argenis is now 0-7 in Lucha Underground single’s matches.
  • After the match, Fenix and Martinez booked themselves for a mask vs. hair match at Ultima Lucha III.

3. Joey Ryan defeated Sexy Star

  • Joey Ryan improves to 2-3 in LU singles matches. His other win was over Mascarita Sagrada.
  • As for Sexy Star, she is now an even 12-12 throughout her Lucha Underground career in singles matches.

4. Son of Havoc defeated Son of Madness

  • Son of Havoc improves to 8-8 in LU singles matches. He’s 6-3 in his last 9 however.
  • Son of Madness drops to 1-2.