Lucha Underground Has A New Temple; Update on Season 4

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Lucha Underground will be returning for their 4th season in 2018. It has been nearly 2 years since Lucha Underground filmed any episodes. That will change soon, however, as Season 4 is expected to start taping next week.

The first set of tapings is scheduled for February 23rd, 2018. They will continue taping all weekend. While no further taping dates have been announced, some Lucha Underground wrestlers have been canceling bookings in March.

The temple will be moving to a new location for season 4 as well. The events of Season 3 lead to further questions but answers for those should be forthcoming when new episodes air.

Lucha Underground Season 4

Lucha Underground’s 4th season will be there first outside of the temple. The promotion has booked a new location in Los Angeles which is believed to accommodate more fans.

Lucha Underground producers, Eric van Wagenen and Chris DeJoseph conducted an interview with UpRoxx recently and revealed more about the new set.

“I think when you have to make your set a character, and that was one thing we were really good about doing with the temple, is that the temple became a character,” van Wagenen told me. “This was a legitimate cold storage building for 67 years. It’s now been repurposed for a set. But if you look around you see that this was a place where they kept things cold and where they made ice. So if you start with that, and then build outward I think it makes everything much easier. And it feels authentic, and just walking around this place sets a certain mood.”

On Working with a Lower Budget

DeJospeh and Van Wagenen also discussed having to be more cost-efficient for Season 4. While exact terms are not known, Season 4 of LU will be running on a lower budget but the production team feels confident this shouldn’t hurt the look or feel of the show.

“I think one of the things we’ve been challenged with this season is how to make this show more efficient. When you have three swings at something, you get a good sense of how to do that. A lot of our talent will be staying here for the run of the show. This will be home base. Not only will we be shooting vignettes during the week, and wrestling tapings on the weekends, guys will be coming here and spending a lot of time here. And if I know our cast, I know that they will all be constantly trying to one up each other, and constantly be looking for the angles and the cool spots and the things that are going to blow people away. They’re very competitive.”

El Rey Press Release for Lucha Underground Season 4

“Lucha Underground has been a remarkable series for El Rey Network. We have aired 105 episodes since its debut in 2014, hosted a live event at the SXSW film festival as well as in markets across the Southwest, and the series was the first TV show to screen theatrically using 4dx technology. Further, filming each episode in front of a live audience has given devoted fans the opportunity to engage and closely connect with the show,”, commented Tibbets. “I am as excited as ‘The Believers’ – Lucha Underground’s rabid fanbase – that the series is coming back for another action-packed season.”