Legend vs Legend Match Revealed for NJPW Strong Style Evolved

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New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Strong Style Evolved show on March 25th in Long Beach, California sold out in just minutes. Despite no matches being announced for the card, the promotion’s American fan base wasted no time purchasing all 7,500 seats in the Walter Pyramid.

It’s likely none of the fans who purchased tickets to the show were aware a massive legends match would be scheduled to take place on the show.

Rey Mysterio Jr. Challenges Jushin Liger

Just two weeks after appearing in the 2018 Royal Rumble with WWE, Rey Mysterio Jr. appeared on the video screen in Osaka on Saturday. The luchador told fans he wants to wrestle in NJPW and wants to face another legend of the junior heavyweight divisions, Jushin Liger.

Liger was ringside on commentary and immediately accepted Mysterio’s challenge. The match will take place on March 25th, 2018 inside the Walter Pyramid at NJPW Strong Style Evolved.

Mysterio and Liger have met in single’s action once before. Liger defeated Mysterio at Starrcade 96 in WCW.

Rey Mysterio and WWE: Current Relationship

Mysterio’s plans with NJPW may come as a bit of a surprise to fans who expected him to be back in WWE. Last week, Mysterio spoke to reporters in the UK about the possibility of him returning full-time to WWE.

“I want to say that there is a big possibility that I will be back. [We’re] figuring out what the situation is, you know from both ends. But there is definitely a positive feedback on behalf of the fans, on behalf of the WWE staff and behalf of myself man.

I think we’re possibly going to sit down and negotiate something where we can both work together and have a good time and enjoy.”

Mysterio is a former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion in WWE. He is currently appearing with 5-Star Wrestling in the UK as well.

The 53-year-old, Jushin Liger, announced last year that 2017’s Best of the Super Juniors would be his last.