KUSHIDA Leaving NJPW Amidst WWE Speculation

Kushida Leaving NJPW
Kushida Leaving NJPW

Kushida is leaving New Japan Pro Wrestling. One of the most successful junior heavyweight wrestlers of all-time, Kushida says he wants to tour the world and that his time to do so is now.

NJPW commentator Chris Charlton provided the translations of Kushida’s comments.


Kushida To WWE Speculation

Kushida’s departure from NJPW will only fuel further speculation that he is headed to WWE.

In December the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that WWE was interested in Kushida. On Wrestling Observer Radio after Wrestle Kingdom, Meltzer said that there are people in WWE who feel confident that Kushida is coming in.

“Kushida is a name has been talked about for weeks and we’ve been hearing more and more about it,” Dave Meltzer wrote. “He’s under contract to New Japan until the end of January so we shouldn’t be hearing his name, but WWE has been more forward about trying to get people and not caring about contracts.”