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Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens

Here is your spoiler-free wrestling news update for Wednesday, July 10th, 2019.

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Kevin Owens Responds To Last Night’s Smackdown


Joey Janela vs Enzo Amore Altercation At Blink-182 Concert

Joey Janela walked up to Enzo Amore last night at a Blink-182 concert and introduced himself. Evidently, this did not sit well with Enzo as Joey had made some disparaging comments about him in the past.

Here is what the two of them posted on social media about it:

Young Bucks Interview With Chris Van Vliet

On CM Punk in AEW:

Nick: We’ll be honest. Of course, we would love him to come to our company. At this time, I just don’t think he wants to.

Matt: When he wants to come back to wrestling, it’ll be his decision.

Nick: Matt talks to him all the time about it but the timing is not right, I guess.

Matt: Professional wrestling is the most demanding thing in the world. You can’t just find yourself back in it one day and be like ‘okay, I guess I’m doing this again.’ You really have to want to do it and that’s up to him.

On the “gimmicked” Cody Rhodes chairshot at Fyter Fest:

Nick: The chair, the middle of it was so thin, it should have probably broke over his head if it was right in the middle. The edge of it happened to nail him right in the back of the head and that’s what cut him up … It would have felt like a cooking sheet, as thin as that. So it should have been like that but it didn’t.

Matt: It hit him at the wrong angle and it busted him open … The lip caught him and it got him good.

Nick: Either way, we knew it would carry controversy.

Matt: We warned him and we were like ‘this is going to be a big thing’ and it was and it had its effect and it worked but I’m just glad he’s okay. It’s scary. Anything messing with your brain, it’s freaky. Everyone was freaked out either way. I’m just glad he’s okay.

Nick: I don’t think Tony will allow that again.

Matt: He was pretty upset about it.

Lineups For Tonight:

7/10/19 (taped 4/20/19)
Download Festival
Donington Park
Leicestershire, England, UK

  • Dave Mastiff & the Hunt vs Gallus
  • Toni Storm vs TBD

NXT #510
July 10th, 2019 (taped June 12th-13th, 2019)
Full Sail University
Winter Park, Florida

  1. WWE NXT Tag Team Title Match
    Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) (c) vs. Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan
  2. WWE NXT Breakout Tournament (First Round)
    Big Boa vs. Jordan Myles
  3. Blanco Loco vs. Damian Priest