Kenny Omega Reveals Details On His AEW Contract

Kenny Omega on his AEW contract
Kenny Omega on his AEW contract

Kenny Omega recently spoke on the contract he recently signed with All Elite Wrestling. Not only will Omega be a member of the AEW roster, but he’ll also be the 4th Executive Vice President associated with the new promotion.

Omega spoke to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently. Quotes transcribed (transcription is hard) by Damon Martin of

Kenny Omega on his Contract Length (4 Years)

“Now with AEW, I’m signing four years. Yeah so it’s like I’m signing four years and it felt natural,” Omega said. “It’s a large contract for me, largest one I’ve signed but I didn’t feel like I was making the wrong choice. It was cool to feel that way.”

Omega will still be able to do his work in the gaming community:

“With the contract, it leaves me very open for a ton of crossover potential, which is always the most important thing for me because I don’t necessarily want to be remembered for what I do in the ring. I want to be able to crossover into all sorts of media so I’m going to be able to do my thing with E-sports and be able to do all sorts of stuff with ESPN and the documentary even. These opportunities now, there’s no red tape. It’s in my contract where I can freely do those and pursue them and that’s great.”

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He will also still be able to compete in NJPW provided they want to use him:

“I have it specifically written in my contract and this is something I couldn’t have done on the WWE end of things, I have it specifically written in my contract that I can go any time I want and appear for New Japan Pro Wrestling,” Omega stated.

Kenny Omega on the Offer He Received From WWE

“WWE’s offer was of course fantastic as you reported and a lot of people know just common knowledge and they went about it in a very professional, courteous way and those guys are nothing but consummate professionals in how they dealt with me but at the end of the day, AEW presented something that just couldn’t be beat,” Omega said

Why Omega Eventually Chose AEW

“I felt I needed to go to a place where I could do more,” Omega explained. “Japan will always be a home to me and I’m always going to be back. AEW for me, or WWE, kind of seemed like the next step, potential dream matches and all that and using the new platform, not necessarily a better one or a bigger one or whatever. I just wanted a new platform to reach new people.”