Ken Shamrock Talks Impact, Relationship with WWE, & More

Ken Shamrock and Chris Van Vliet
Ken Shamrock and Chris Van Vliet

Ken Shamrock recently sat down with journalist Chris Van Vliet to discuss his new Valor BK MMA promotion, Impact Wrestling, and his realtionship with WWE.

On Returning to Wrestling:

“After I kind of slowed down with the MMA world, I took a year off because I felt my body was sore, I had all these injuries I was trying to recover from and so I said you know what? I’m going to enjoy life. So, I took a year, I didn’t say I was going to take a year, I just stopped, I stopped training, I stopped everything, I just wanted to just enjoy life, enjoy family. It was about a year and then I just decided one day I was like you know what? I’m tired of just being Mr. Mom, hanging around at the house, cooking dinner, doing BBQs, just the home life thing and it was great for awhile but then I started feeling healthy again. I just started feeling like wow, I just feel good again. So I said I’m going to go back to the gym, go during the day cause I’m not doing anything. I’ll go hit the gym and kill some time that way. So I started working out.

Probably I would say  3 months in I started feeling good again. Looking in the mirror, I’m like wow, I look great. I was like, Ok I’ll start looking for some gigs in pro-wrestling, that’s something I think I want to go after. Something I hadn’t really had finished what I had actually started to do which was capture the WWF title, which you know, I may not be able to do that but boy I can sure make an impact, no pun intended, in pro-wrestling. So, I decided to start reaching out to different organizations, start checking out to see if there was an opportunity for me to wrestle again.”

On His Future With Impact Wrestling:

“Right now I think the one thing in front of me is obviously Moose. Being able to take careof business with that and then I think after we do that, we’ll take a look and see whether or not there is more for us to do here in Impact. I like what I see so far. The way I have been treated has been awesome. So yeah, I’m definitely interested in maybe looking at something a little deeper but like I said, we have to see where everything kind of lands after these first two shows.”

On His Relationship with WWE Now

“I don’t know if it is a relationship. I know I was there and I know that I was able to be a part of something special but I just don’t know if there was ever a relationship because even after I left, it almost felt like I was this black sheep where once I left, it was never mentioned again, no credit given, no highlights or anything ever shown, nobody speaks of it, it’s weird, it’s just gone.”

“It’s a shame, even when they did this RAW Reunion and these other reunions that they were doing. It’s like, why wouldn’t I have been there? I don’t understand that, I don’t know who I pissed off or what kind of bridges were blown up but I thought I did everything on a very professional level.”

On His New Bare-Knuckled MMA Promotion

“Valor BK bare-knuckled fighting, we see an opportunity there. Again, doing our homework, studying, being able to look at the different things trending outside in the social media areas. Got to see these street fights happening and all of sudden they’re getting a million or so views of these guys fighting in the backyard. So we started looking at that and going ok, well that looks like that’s interesting there and then we started seeing these other bare-knuckled organizations coming up and their numbers were getting better than some of the MMA fights. So, we realized at that time, going ok, well, now’s the time to go back and do something I fell in love with back in the beginning when I started doing the whole sport fighting myself.”

Valor BK’s first event takes place September 21 at the 4 Bears Casino and Lodge in New Town, North Dakota