Katsuya Kitamura Gone From NJPW

Katsuya Kitamura is gone from NJPW
Katsuya Kitamura is gone from NJPW

Katsuya Kitamura is no longer with NJPW. The 33-year-old has been on the shelf since last March. He is said to have suffered a leg injury in a scooter incident and then suffered a further injury in training.

NJPW commentator, Chris Charlton, posted some translations of a Japenese-language article on the subject.

“He had sustained an injury while training and spent over a year taking medical treatment and being dedicated rehabbing. After discussions with the company he decided to leave.”

Kitamura posted out the following, thanking fans for their support:

“Lastly, thank you for your continued support and encouragement over the past three years. Your support meant everything to me. I am thankful and hope you continue to support Katsuya Kitamura when he goes to a new stage.”

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Katsuya Kitamura Pro-Wrestling Statistics

Kitamura began training in the New Japan Dojo in 2015. He was suspended from amateur wrestling due to testing positive for PEDs in 2011. This prevented him from competing on the 2012 Japanese Olympic team.

In 2017, Kitamura began competing on the NJPW main touring roster as a Young Lion. He won the Young Lions cup that year and competed in the World Tag League that winter. Kitamura teamed with David Finlay and the pair lost every match in the tournament. Also in 2017, Kitamura was awarded the Wrestling Observer Rookie of the Year award.