Jon Moxley Interview On AEW, Renee Young’s Reaction To Full Gear & More

Jon Moxley Chris Van Vliet
Jon Moxley Chris Van Vliet

Jon Moxley is currently the #1 ranked male single’s wrestler in AEW. He could be the next in line to face champion Chris Jericho. Moxley sat down with Chris Van Vliet for an interview and discussed Renee Young’s reaction to his match against Kenny Omega, being in the Shield, and AEW vs WWE.

Jon Moxley Interview Highlights

On his last few months at WWE:

“It was really awkward the last few months there, it was awkward. Nobody in the locker room even knew. People would be like ‘is it a work? are you really leaving? What’s going on?’ Are you leaving? and I’m like ‘I don’t know.’ I didn’t tell literally anybody anything.

Even when I was first going to leave, AEW wasn’t even a thing yet.

Did Moxley Have A Plan?

“Not exactly, you know, wherever the wind blows, definitely Japan, independents. I was scanning out the scene but pretty quickly the AEW thing came along and it was still top secret and I was like ‘that’s pretty sick.’ I was scoping out the landscape, seeing where I would end up.

Then I did that thing with the video and then I had to just stay silent for a few months. I went into radio silence, went into hiding, didn’t even answer my phone or nothing. Maybe I’d answer my phone if my Mom called me or something. I wanted people to wonder is he going to show up at Ring of Honor, or Impact, or AEW, or New Japan or WWE, is he coming back? I wanted people to have no idea and I think it was pretty effective. But the payoff to the video was, pop-up at Double or Nothing and everyone instantly got it. They knew I’m Jon Moxley now, they were chanting my name, they weren’t chanting like Shield or anything. It was just a totally fresh new start, instantly, out of the gate, and AEW is now off to the races.”

On His Love Of Death Matches

“I am unapologetic about my love of, whatever you want to call it, the death match style, the hardcore… I love that stuff. Some of my favorite matches ever are like Big Japan death matches. I understand most people are going to think that’s crap and there not going to want to watch that. I love that stuff. But there’s a reason a lot of those promotions, even ECW, is kind of a niche promotion because a lot of people just get turned off by the excessive gore and so forth. Although I make no apologies that I like that stuff, I would never force it on anybody else.”

On The Reaction To His Match With Kenny Omega

“I was thrilled with it. I was thrilled with the reaction in the arena, I was thrilled with the people that was uncomfortable.”

On Renee Young’s Reaction To The Match

“She’ll get it though, you know? When you get married to me, you sign up that you’re going to be under a fair amount of stress sometimes. Sometimes I’m going to come home and I just fell down the side of a mountain. Somedays I will come home and I’ll be bludgeoned with barbed wire. This is just how I live my life.”

On His Interview With Chris Jericho After Leaving WWE

“I just felt like, I did everything right on the way out, I gave my body to that company, did everything right, I was a model employee for them but I also had to eat a lot of s**t. I think it was more than fair to at least kind of tell my side of the story about some of the stuff just so that now we can start fresh, which we did at Double or Nothing.”