Joey Janela Injury Update, WALTER Shoots Down WWE Rumors, more (Daily Update)

Joey Janela
Joey Janela is sad about his knee injury

This is your daily Spoiler Free Wrestling update:

Joey Janela Injury Update

“Bad Boy” Joey Janela posted a video giving an update on the extent of his knee injury. Janela was injured diving from the top turnbuckle to the outside at Game Changer Wrestling Friday night. He “tore and destroyed” his PCL and MCL and then went into several other things which were wrong with his knee. He’s looking at about 8-10 months on the shelf by the sounds of it. He Tweeted out the following:

It’s tough timing for Janela, considering how well his career has been going as of late.

WALTER Addresses WWE Rumors

Austrian heavyweight, WALTER, recently shot down rumors of him signing with WWE. The Wrestling Observer has reported twice this year that WWE is interested in him but it appears he’s not interested in them.

“I don’t know if I mentioned this but being a part of the Raw or SmackDown roster is nothing I am interested in. I don’t want to live in the US,” he said to Mirror Sport in the UK.

He did mention that he’s a fan of NXT, however.

Kazuchika Okada On NJPW’s International Expansion

Okada did an interview with that was released today. He talked about how much he enjoyed wrestling Cody last year at the first show in Long Beach. He covers a lot of topics and is an interesting read. seems to have upped their English game recently. There have been several long English-translated interviews up as of late.

WWE News

Hulk Hogan To Appear At Crown Jewel?

There’s been some speculation regarding if Hogan will appear at the next Saudi Arabian show. The Saudi Sports Minister Tweeted out a photo of Hogan, which is what led to all the speculation. There’s nothing clear out there regarding whether Hogan will be on the show or not, however.

Wrestlers Weigh In On Liv Morgan Injury

Morgan’s concussion after taking a kick to the face from Brie Bella on Monday continued to be a talking point today. Several wrestlers and others from within the business were quick to shoot down fans online who were being critical of Brie.

Regardless, Morgan is out with a concussion and is questionable for Super Show-Down.

Sean Waltman offered some comments on the match continuing after the injury, and Morgan herself trying to continue as well.

I saw a clip of that and to me it just looks like the last one caught her because she was registering the kicks when she would get kicked. It was just their timing, it got messed up, it looked like to me. And as she was coming back down from registering the kick she got kicked with the last one. It looked like just the last one is what knocked her out to me. S**t happens, and no one means to do that… I am not gonna fault anyone for not doing anything if wasn’t part of protocol. However, this might be a good learning experience to start training the referees on what to do

Matt Riddle Wants To Face Cesaro On WWE Main Roster

Matt Riddle did an interview with an ESPN affiliate and said he’d like to face Cesaro on the main roster.

“In my opinion, if I was going to pick main roster guys, I’ve always had a hunch out for Cesaro,” Riddle said. “I just feel like if we were able to just go at it, make it a fight, I think it would be pretty sensational.”

He also mentioned several names of NXT talent he’s looking forward to getting back into the ring with shortly.

“They’ve got so many talented individuals,” Riddle said. “I’ve worked with the majority of them. In NXT, I have probably worked with every top guy from Ricochet to Roderick (Strong), to Kyle (O’Reilly), Adam Cole. The only guys I haven’t really worked with are Velveteen Dream and Lars [Sullivan], some of the other guys that are homegrown.”

That is all the newsworthy stuff for today.