Jim Ross Says “All In 2” Could Happen In May

Jim Ross All In
Jim Ross All In

Jim Ross has made numerous cryptic remarks on his podcast recently regarding the future of the Elite. While JR is under contract with WWE until the spring, he has also been linked to All Elite Wrestling. He’s also downplayed his involvement with the group and some have reported his role with AEW to have been overblown. Ross’ contractual status with WWE is also likely to play a factor in what he says publicly on this matter.

Transcription credit to SEScoops.com:

“I’ve heard through the grapevine that All In 2 will happen, perhaps as early as May 2019,” Ross said.

“All on the rumor mill. I can’t imagine, as successful as it seems that All In was there in Chicago, why wouldn’t you want to have another one?”

“I think that one a year is plenty,” Ross said. “You don’t want to wear out the theme.”

“The challenging part of this is for the booker types, like Cody and The Young Bucks, who like to be creative and like to book.”

“I think Cody feels that’s his life’s work because his dad was so good at it,” Ross said. “He wants to honor his father by being known as a great booker as well.”

“And hey, why not? Somebody’s got to do it, somebody’s got to be the booker, somebody’s got to create the content.”