Jerry Lawler Comments On Investigation Into Brian Christopher’s Death

Jerry Lawler Brian Christopher
Jerry Lawler Brian Christopher

Jerry Lawler recently spoke to Local Memphis news regarding the ongoing investigation into the death of his son, Brian Christopher. 

Lawler had the following to say to the local news channel:

“In the words of my attorney, there’s so much smoke that has come out of that Bolivar jail that there’s got to be a fire somewhere,” Lawler said. “If we can help unearth that, then maybe things will change, and it’ll be better for some people down the line,” said Lawler.

Local Memphis

He has previously made similar statements, doubting the official ruling of Christopher’s death. 

“It just doesn’t pass the smell test,” Lawler said to Local Memphis in August. “We’ve received literally countless calls, text messages from people, actual eyewitnesses, that were in the jail and saw things that happened on the actual day that Brian died that now has opened up a new can of worms,” he continued. “It just doesn’t seem like it was suicide.”

You can read the full article and Lawler’s comments here.