Jay Lethal Comments On Breaking ROH Championship Record

Jay Lethal - ROH Champion
Jay Lethal - ROH Champion

Jay Lethal is the greatest ROH World Champion of all time. This weekend, Lethal will have the chance to set the record for most successful title defenses of the ROH World Championship. He’ll take on TK O’Ryan on night 2 of Honor Rising in Tokyo’s Korakuen Hall.

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Jay Lethal On Breaking ROH Championship Record

Lethal spoke to the Sporting News about having broken Samoa Joe’s record recently.

“When I was pulled aside and they said you know, you’re about to beat Joe’s record of holding the belt for a certain amount of time, I said, ‘No way! That’s insane!’” Lethal exclaimed. “I remember being in Ring of Honor when Joe was champion and I was his protégé and I would come to the ring holding his towel. I didn’t think anyone would ever beat his record.

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Lethal also commented on the perpetual-rebuilding phase ROH has been in since 2002.

“I feel that Ring of Honor has always been in the rebuilding phase,” said Lethal. “Ring of Honor, in all the time I’ve known it, it’s never been fully settled. It’s always in this rebuilding phase because other rosters out there constantly pluck from the Ring of Honor roster to make their roster better. Look at all of the companies out there and their champions. Most of them came through and from Ring of Honor. I think the winning formula is you don’t try and replace those guys.”

For Lethal, however, everything right now is about having a successful night in Madison Square Garden on April 6th.

“I’m trying to focus on keeping the belt until Madison Square Garden because, right now, that’s all everybody can see,” admitted Lethal. “We’ve got tunnel vision. Everything is leading to the Garden.”

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