Is Raven The Dark Order’s Exalted One?

Jimmy Havoc and Raven
Jimmy Havoc and Raven

When AEW Dynamite emanated from Atlanta’s State Farm Arena, many fans noticed Raven attending the show. When Evil Uno and the spokesperson for the Dark Order appeared at ringside, Raven was only a few rows back. As Stu Grayson and Scorpio Sky began brawling in the crowd, Raven can be seen sitting and stoically watching the action.

AEW then posted the following Tweet with the caption “Did you see it? The exalted one is always watching” and features a video where Raven is clearly visible watching the action.

Raven’s Nest, Flock, Gathering, and Serotonin Factions

AEW teasing that Raven could be the Exalted One in the Dark Order angle is something many fans of Raven are likely excited about as Raven has been involved with several similar factions and angles in the past.

Raven’s Nest – ECW 1994-97
Notable Members:

  • Stevie Richards
  • The Pitbulls
  • The Blue Meanie
  • The Dudley Boyz
  • Cactus Jack
  • Beulah McGillicutty
  • Francine
  • Kimona Wanalaya
  • Lori & Tyler Fullington (The Sandman’s wife and son)
  • Lupus
  • Chastity

Raven’s Flock – WCW 1997-98
Notable Members:

  • Saturn
  • Hammer
  • Kidman
  • Lodi
  • Riggs
  • Sick Boy
  • Reese
  • Horace
  • Kanyon
  • Lodi

Dead Pool/Dark Carnival WCW 1998-99
Notable Members

  • Vampiro
  • The Great Muta
  • The Insane Clown Posse

The Gathering TNA Wrestling 2003-04
Notable Members

  • CM Punk
  • Julio Dinero
  • Alexis Laree (AJ Lee)
  • Cassidy Riley

Serotonin 2006-08
Notable Members

  • Johnny Devine (Havok)
  • Frankie Kazarian (Kaz)
  • Michael Shane (Martyr)

Is Christopher Daniels The Dark Order’s Exalted One?

Several hints have been dropped, some from the Dark Order themselves, that Christopher Daniels might be the Dark Order’s exalted one. If Daniels is revealed as the leader of the faction, it wouldn’t be the first time there had been plans for the Fallen Angel to lead a dark cult type faction. Daniels was originally planned to be revealed as the Undertaker’s Higher Power during the Ministry of Darkness angle in the late 90s.

This what Bruce Prichard said on an episode of his podcast regarding Christopher Daniels being planned to be Undertaker’s Higher Power

“Shit. Well Russo is getting credit for this one, folks. This is the one where you go back to the old Christopher Daniels. Vince Russo had had the idea of using Christopher Daniels as the Fallen Angel to be the Higher Power until I think Vince actually saw him and was like, ‘What the hell? How is he gonna work with Undertaker? How is he gonna do this?’ And all this other shit. Based on size. Chris is a hell of a talent, hell of a worker, but it was just based on everything else. Didn’t really match up.”

Christopher Daniels On The Higher Power Angle

Daniels then took part in an interview with FanSided and noted that a similar idea had been in the works for him in WCW.

When I first heard of this, I sort of likened it to my actual experience with WCW when they brought me in, originally the plan was for me to be Vampiro’s boss. When Vampiro was in the midst of his feud with Sting, they wanted me to be Vampiro’s superior, which, to me felt like it was going to be a letdown because I hadn’t been established on television yet. Vampiro was in this feud with the top star of the company and they wanted the mystery of who was Vampiro’s boss. Then to reveal it was me — I hadn’t been on television and I had no name value to the WCW audience.

So, like, to me it would have fallen flat. I feel it was the wrong position to debut an unknown in. And looking back on the higher power thing too, like, if all of this this had gone down with the Undertaker and all of this stuff, and you find out it’s a guy who’s never been on national television for WWE before, a complete unknown guy — if that was the reveal, it seems like it would have fallen flat, like “who’s this guy?”

“So, I mean, I sort of understand why it didn’t work and I don’t blame anybody for thinking maybe that’s not the direction to go. Conceivably, I’m sure somebody would’ve tried a way to make it work. Yeah, I heard about it. I heard Bruce talk about it. People have told me that Bruce mentioned that it was me, but I sort of see why it didn’t work.

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