Is Matt Hardy Leaving WWE? – Here’s Everything We Know

Matt Hardy - WWE RAW
Matt Hardy - WWE RAW

Matt Hardy posted a Tweet that simply reads “GOODBYE” following his appearance on WWE RAW last night. Hardy was attacked by Randy Orton after coming out to confront him regarding his recent attack on Edge. The multi-time WWE tag team champion’s contract is believed to expire in March and Hardy appears to be hinting his time with WWE is nearly over.

Hardy was almost a free agent around this time last year. He Tweeted out that his contract had only 11 days left on it on February 21st, 2019.

News that WWE was exercising its right to lockdown the Hardys for a 3rd year came out the week after Hardy sent this Tweet. These were the contracts that Matt and Jeff Hardy signed in early 2017 when they returned to the promotion at WrestleMania 33. At the time, the Hardyz were coming off of their TNA Wrestling run where the Broken Universe debuted and then an epic Ladder Wars match against the Young Bucks in Ring of Honor.

Hardy has also been posting several “Free the Delete” YouTube videos that have been hinting about a return to his Broken persona.

Matt Hardy Leaving Due To Creative Differences?

Many are speculating a large reason Hardy could be on his way out of WWE is that he is not happy with the creative freedom he currently has in WWE. Last summer, Hardy spoke to Talk Sport about wanting creative freedom:

“I have other things I would be interested in doing, I love giving creative ideas, I wish I could run my own creative. In fact, I feel like that’s part of the fun of being an artist at my age. Even before, I was probably a little less confident in my abilities to change or do something different and pull it off and make people buy into it but now I love it and I welcome the challenge.”

He also spoke about wanting to work with Bray Wyatt again.

“I would not say no to that. I’m a big fan of Bray and we’re good friends on a personal level. I’m a big fan of his work, I’m a big fan of his creative thought process and he’s excellent at what he does. I hope he gets the proper opportunity with all this because I think it’s gonna be a grand slam.”

Corey Graves Wants Matt Hardy On WWE Creative Team

Corey Graves suggested on a recent edition of his podcast that he feels Matt Hardy should be offered a job on the WWE creative team:

“Matt is a master of being creative and creating doubt and raising questions amongst the Internet wrestling community. Let’s be honest, Matt can play us all like a fiddles when it comes to his videos, and look, it’s no secret, Matt has sort of been hinting at the fact that maybe his days in WWE are numbered. I certainly hope that’s not the case on a personal level because I consider him a friend and a really great guy.”

Matt Hardy Says He Wants To Return To Broken Persona

Hardy has also suggested numerous times that he would like to finish his in-ring career as his Borken persona:

He spoke to the Cheap Heat podcast:

 “I think there is a lot of money in ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy, I think it’s different.”

Based on what is available, it seems likely Matt Hardy leaves WWE next month and returns to his Broken persona.