Is Chuckie T Bullet Club’s Mole In CHAOS?

Jay White's Mole
Jay White's Mole

Jay White has said he still has a mole working from within CHAOS. Some have suggested the backstage comments were made just to get under the skin of Kazuchika Okada’s faction as we get closer to Wrestle Kingdom. Others, however, believe we could find out who Jay White’s mole is on NJPW’s final few shows of 2018.

In the World Tag League, Chuckie T’s actions have drawn much attention over the weekend. Chucky has gotten himself disqualified in multiple matches now and even took a swing at his partner, Beretta. He’s looked somewhat lost in a crazed 1000-yard stare lately while Beretta tends to gaze at his partner suspiciously.

On Sunday, Chuckie again got himself disqualified by hitting Michael Elgin with a chair. He then looked as though he was going to hit Beretta again but only went in for a hug. The team is currently 5-4 (not including what happened today as it has not aired on as of yet).

Is Chuckie T Jay White’s Mole?

Some are suggesting that Chuckie T could be Jay White’s mole in CHAOS. His actions as of late have had a distinct Bullet Club feel to them. Others, however, believe this to be a red herring to make us think Chuckie is the mole when someone else entirely is.

If we are putting together a list of suspects, however, Chuckie has to be right at the top of the list.

Other members of CHAOS who have been suspected include Yoshi-Hashi. The 36-year-old hasn’t wrestled since September and could make a surprise return and defection to Bullet Club.

Beretta could also be considered a suspect. Perhaps Chuckie T found out Beretta will be defecting and then decided he would act out during the World Tag League. Yet another possibility involving the Best Friends is that their dissension is a swerve and both of them will be joining the faction.

Hirooki Goto’s name has been tossed around as well. Rocky Romero’s name is frequently brought up as a possible mole in CHAOS. Ishii and Yano both seem like longshots to join Bullet Club. Finally, some have said Will Ospreay could be joining Bullet Club as well.

If we are going to see another member of CHAOS turn against the faction, it will either happen in the build-up to WrestleKingdom, WrestleKingdom, or possibly New Year’s dash. One way or another, we should know what’s up in early January.

Spoiler Free Wrestling’s Jay White’s Mole Suspect List:

  • Chuckie T
  • Yoshi-Hashi
  • Beretta
  • Chuckie T and Beretta
  • Hirooki Goto
  • Will Ospreay