Impact Wrestling’s Victory Road Results (3 Championship Matches)

Victory Road
Impact Wrestling
September 28th, 2017
Impact Zone
Orlando, FL

1. X-Division Championship
Trevor Lee (c) vs. Petey Williams

2. Taya Valkyrie, Sienna and Teryn Terrell vs. Rosemary, Allie, and Gail Kim

3. Global Tag Team Championship
LAX (c) vs. OVE

4. Global Championship
Eli Drake (c) vs. Johnny Impact

Quick Results:

  1. Trevor Lee (c) defeated Petey Williams
  2. Taya Valkyrie, Sienna and Teryn Terrell defeated Rosemary, Allie, and Gail Kim
  3. OVO defeated LAX (c) – new champions
  4. Eli Drake (c) defeated Johnny Impact


There have been so many ups and downs for this company over the last few years that most wrestling fans have no idea what they are even called. That TNA is still surviving is something of a miracle. Yet, there are signs this company may have the ability to grow into something resembling respectability.

The wrestling has never been the problem. Over-booking and poor writing has been the problem. This was the case across every single era in TNA history. Vince Russo, Jeff Jarrrett, Hulk and Bisch, and Dixie Carter’s reigns over the company all suffered from the same problems. Now the company is in the hands of Anthem Sports and Entertainment. MMA fans may know the company as the owners of the Fight Network, which airs combat sports shows including pro-wrestling.

The new ownership group may turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to the company. It’s a media company for starters, which means they will always have home and exposure for their product. Anthem’s business is also focussed soley on combat sports content, which is a fairly ideal situation for a wrestling company.

The new ownership group has had problems ever since the sale, of course. The bad PR from the intellectual property rights issue with the Hardy family didn’t set the greatest of first impressions with fans. After that the company’s champion, Alberto El Patron, was suspended following an incident at an Orlando airport. Then company President, Jeff Jarrett, announced he was taking an unexpected leave of absense to work on personal issues. It’s been a rocky start, in other words.

Since Jarrett, Sonjay Dutt, and Scott D’Amore are believed to have been running the show there can be no debating it has improved, however. Jarrett’s absence will probably mean less storylines and more wrestling, which is the slow but effective road back to winning over wrestling fans. We’ll know whether or not that’s what we’re getting after the next set of tapings.