Impact Wrestling Territory Report (October 8th, 2018)

Impact Wrestling
Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling Territory Report (October 8th, 2018)

  1. News
  2. Impact Wrestling Results/Motown Showdown Results
  3. Bound For Glory Lineup
  4. Championship Landscape
  5. Rankings

1. News

Umm, So What Went On Between Austin Aries, Johnny Impact, and Taya Valkyrie On Twitter?

I’d rather not give this any attention but some serious shots were taken from both sides on Twitter recently. Aries appeared to take offense to Johnny calling him short which led to Aries making several unfortunate comments including referring to Taya as “husky.” I almost never put personal opinions on this site but I really found all of this to be pretty sad. Aries’ point is that some things are ok to make fun of people for (such as being short) but him calling someone overweight is considered worse than making fun of someone’s height and he doesn’t see that as fair. Naturally, people were pretty upset he brought Taya into things and even more upset at what he said about her.

This, unfortunately, led to the usually terrible flow of hate that social media is riddled with. Just terrible stuff.

The debate is then was this being done in an effort to build up their match at Bound For Glory. On the one hand some would say taking a shot at Taya had nothing to do with their storyline but on the other hand, when two guys main eventing a PPV together get into a personal Twitter beef with each other less than two weeks before the show, one should always assume everything is a work. Whether it was or was not, it didn’t make me feel good about being a wrestling fan, however.

Kiera Hogan Locked In A Coffin By Su Yung

One week removed from pinning a former Knockouts Champion, Kiera Hogan was locked inside a coffin by Su Yung this week on Impact. Allie had previously said her goal in Impact was to prevent Su Yung from locking any more people in coffins. You had one job Allie, one job. With one week to go before the PPV, this rivalry still doesn’t have a scheduled match at Bound For Glory. That will likely change on this week’s episode.

Sami Callihan Disqualified In This Week’s Main Event

Impact was trying to communicate to fans to expect a hardcore brawl between OVE and the Lucha Brothers and Brian Cage at BFG. The difference between the match held this week on Impact and the one which will be held in New York is the PPV version will be No DQ. Callihan getting DQ’ed in a match this week is a way of saying “that can’t happen at Bound For Glory”.

Ethan Page Aligns With Matt Sydal, Challenge Rich Swann To A Tag Match

Ethan Page showed up in Mexico City and cost Rich Swann the opening match against Matt Sydal. Following the match Page and Sydal challenged Swann to find a partner and meet them at Bound For Glory.

2. Impact Wrestling Results

Impact Wrestling
October 4th, 2018
Mexico City, Mexico

  1. Matt Sydal defeated Rich Swann
  2. Murder Clown defeated Joe Hendry
  3. LA Parka defeated Eli Drake
  4. Su Yung defeated Kiera Hogan
  5. The Lucha Brothers and Brian Cage defeated Sami Callihan and OVE via DQ

3. Bound For Glory Lineup

Bound for Glory LIneup
October 14th

  1. Impact World Championship
    Austin Aries (c) vs Johnny Impact
  2. Knockouts Championship
    Tessa Blanchard (c) vs Taya Valkyrie
  3. Eddie Edwards vs Moose
  4. Sami Callihan & oVe vs Brian Cage & the Lucha Brothers
  5. Concrete Jungle Deathmatch
    LAX & Konnan vs OGZ & King
  6. Rich Swann & TBD vs Ethan Page and Matt Sydal

4. Championship Landscape

Impact World Championship
Champion: Austin Aries
Won: from Pentagon Jr. (Impact 5/24/18)
Defenses: 11
Challengers: Aiden Prince (Xplosion), Rich Swann (ONO), Sammy Falcon (WSW), Royce Chambers (WSW), Hangman Page (WSW), Bel Pierce (WSW), Moose (Slammiversary), Dustin Cameron (Impact), Eddie Edwards (Impact), Fallah Bah (Impact), El Texano (Impact)

Knockouts Championship
Champion: Tessa Blanchard
Won: from Su Yung (triple threat w/Allie, Impact 8/12/18)
Defenses: 3
Challengers: Su Yung (Impact), Gisele Shaw (ONO), Faby Apache (Impact)

X-Division Championship
Champion: Brian Cage
Won: from Matt Sydal (Slammiversary 7/22/18)
Defenses: 3
Challengers: Matt Sydal (Impact), Trey Miguel (PCW), Fenix (Impact)

Impact Tag Team Champions
Champion: LAX (Santana & Ortiz)
Won: from DJZ and Andrew Everett (Impact 4/26/18)
Defenses: 3
Challengers: The OGZ (Slammiversary), Brent Banks & Tarik (Impact), Jody Fleisch and Jonny Storm (Impact at Wrestling MediaCon UK)

5. Rankings

Matt Sydal moved past Rich Swann this week in the X-Division rankings due to his victory over him. Murder Clown debuted in the rankings at #7 though its unclear how much longer he will be with the promotion since they’ve now left Mexico City. LA Parka is in the same position, he debuted at #9 after defeating Eli Drake.

Impact World Champion: Austin Aries
X Division Champion: Brian Cage

  1. Johnny Impact
  2. Sami Callihan
  3. Pentagon
  4. Fenix
  5. Moose
  6. Eddie Edwards
  7. Murder Clown
  8. Joe Hendry
  9. La Parka
  10. Eli Drake
  11. Kongo Kong
  12. Killer Kross
  13. Grado

Knockouts Champion: Tessa Blanchard

  1. Taya Valkyrie
  2. Allie
  3. Su Yung
  4. Kiera Hogan
  5. Alisha Edwards
  6. Katarina
  7. Diamente
  8. Rebel

X Division Champion: Brian Cage

  1. Fenix
  2. Matt Sydal
  3. Rich Swann
  4. Trevor Lee
  5. Petey Williams

Impact Tag Team Champions: LAX

  1. OGZ
  2. The Lucha Brothers
  3. Bah and KM
  4. Ove
  5. The Desi Hit Squad
  6. The Cult of Lee
  7. Grado and Joe Hendry