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Impact Wrestling Hard to Kill
Impact Wrestling Hard to Kill
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Hard To Kill
January 12th, 2019
The Bomb Factory
Dallas, Texas

  1. Ken Shamrock defeated Madman Fulton
  2. X-Division Championship
    Ace Austin (c) defeated Trey Miguel
  3. Knockouts Championship
    Taya Valkyrie (c) defeated Jordynne Grace vs ODB
  4. Rob Van Dam defeated Brian Cage
  5. Rob Van Dam defeated Daga
  6. Eddie Edwards defeated Michael Elgin
  7. Moose defeated Rhino
  8. Impact Tag Team Championships
    the North (c) defeated Willie Mack (Rich Swann injured)
  9. Impact World Championship
    Tessa Blanchard defeated Sami Callihan (c) – new champion

Upcoming Matches:

Next week:

  • Joey Ryan vs Johnny Swinger
  • Sit down interview with Tessa Blanchard
  • Moose vs Fallah Bah vs Eddie Edwards vs Ace Austin (From House of Hardcore)
  • Rob Van Dam & Katie Forbes Celebrate their victories


Changes this week:

  • Tessa Blanchard and #1 Sami Callihan switched places after Blanchard beat Callihan for the title.
  • #2 Eddie Edwards moved up several spots after defeated #5 Michael Elgin.
  • #4 Rob Van Dam moved up several spots after defeating #6 Brian Cage and Daga.
  • #8 Ken Shamrock moved up a few spots after defeating #11 Madman Fulton.

Impact World Champion: Tessa Blanchard

  1. Sami Callihan
  2. Eddie Edwards (Call Your Shot Trophy)
  3. Moose
  4. Rob Van Dam
  5. Michael Elgin
  6. Brian Cage
  7. Rhino
  8. Ken Shamrock
  9. Mahabali Shera
  10. Fallah Bah
  11. Madman Fulton (OVE)
  12. Petey Williams
  13. Johnny Swinger
  14. Joey Ryan
  15. Acey Romero

Knockouts Champion: Taya Valkyrie

  1. Jordynne Grace
  2. ODB
  3. Tenille Dashwood
  4. Havok
  5. Rosemary
  6. Kiera Hogan
  7. Madison Rayne
  8. Su Yung
  9. Alisha Edwards
  10. Alexia Nicole

X Division Champion: Ace Austin

  1. Trey Miguel
  2. TJP
  3. Daga
  4. Jake Crist
  5. Rich Swann
  6. Willie Mack
  7. Wentz (Rascalz)
  8. Petey Williams
  9. Rohit Raju (Desi Hit Squad)

Impact Tag Team Champions: The North

  1. Rich Swann & Willie Mack
  2. The Rascalz
  3. The Desi Hit Squad
  4. The Deaners
  5. OVE (Jake & Dave Crist)
  6. Reno Scum

Championship Landscape

Impact World Championship
Champion: Tessa Blanchard
Won: defeated Sami Callihan (1/12/20)
Defenses: 0

Knockouts Championship
Champion: Taya Valkyrie
Won: from Tessa Blanchard (Homecoming)
Defenses: 10
Challengers: Tessa Blanchard (airdate: 2/15/19), lost to Jordynne Grace via DQ (3/29/19), defeated Jordynne Grace (Rebellion 4/28/19), defeated Madison Rayne (5/24/19), defeated Jordynne Grace (6/8/19), defeated Havok vs Rosemary vs Su Yung Monster’s Ball (7/7/19), lost via count-out to Havok (8/2/19), vs Havok – No Contest (8/9/19), Havok defeated Taya Valkyrie (c) via DQ (10/11/19), defeated Tenille Dashwood (10/20/19), defeated ODB vs Jordynne Grace triple threat (1/12/20)

X-Division Championship
Champion: Ace Austin
Won: won ladder match at Bound For Glory (10/20/19)
Defenses: 2
Challengers: defeated Petey Williams (12/17/19), defeated Trey (1/12/20)

Impact Tag Team Champions
Champion: the North
Won: defeated LAX (7/5/19)
Defenses: 7
Challengers: defeated LAX & Rascalz (7/7/19), Rascalz (8/2/19), defeated Rascalz vs Reno Scum vs Mack & Swann (8/2/19), defeated Daga & Ortiz (8/9/19), defeated Reno Scum (8/23/19), defeated LAX (9/6/19), defeated Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs Rhino & Rob Van Dam (10/20/19), defeated Eddie Edwards & Naomichi Marufuji (11/12/19), defeated Willie Mack & Rich Swann (1/12/20)