Impact Wrestling 4/5/19 Results, & Rankings

Impact Wrestling
Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling 4/5/19 Results, & Rankings

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  2. Impact Wrestling Rankings 4/5/19
  3. Upcoming Matches
  4. Impact Wrestling Championship Landscape

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1. Impact Wrestling Results

Impact Wrestling
4/5/19 (taped 3/22 to 3/23)
St. Clair College
Windsor, ON, Canada

  1. 6-Man Scramble
    Petey Williams defeated Jake Crist, Trey, Idris Abraham, Ace Austin, and Aiden Prince
  2. Sami Callihan & Madman Fulton defeated Rich Swann & Willie Mack
  3. Jordynne Grace defeated Madison Rayne
  4. Rohit Raju defeated Fallah Bah
  5. Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards defeated LAX

Previous Results

Impact Wrestling
3/8/19 (taped 2/11 to 2/13)
Sam’s Town Live
Las Vegas, NV

  1. Rich Swann defeated Ethan Page
  2. Ace Austin defeated Jake Atlas
  3. Dark War
    Rosemary, Kiera Hogan & Jordynne Grace defeated Su Yung, Allie & Undead Maid of Honor
  4. The Lucha Bros defeated The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz)

Impact Wrestling
3/15/19 (taped 2/11 – 2/13)
Sam’s Town Live
Las Vegas, Nevada

  1. Sami Callihan & the Crist Brothers (OVE) defeated Tommy Dreamer, Rich Swann, & Willie Mack
  2. Glenn Gilberti defeated Kikutara
  3. KM & Fallah Bah defeated Reno Scum
  4. #1 Contendership Knockouts Championship
    Jordynne Grace defeated Tessa Blanchard
  5. Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards defeated the Desi Hit Squad
  6. Impact World Championship
    Johnny Impact (c) vs Brian Cage – Never Started

Impact Wrestling
3/22/19 (taped 2/11 to 2/13)
Sam’s Town Live
Las Vegas, NV

  1. Moose defeated Trey (Rascalz)
  2. Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards defeated KM & Fallah Bah
  3. Ace Austin defeated Damien Drake
  4. Willie Mack defeats Ethan Page
  5. X-Division Championship
    Rich Swann (c) defeated Sami Callihan

2. Rankings

  • #6 Petey Williams returns to the X-Division rankings after winning in scramble action this week.
  • #1 Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards switched places with #2 LAX after defeating them this week.

Impact World Champion: Johnny Impact

  1. Killer Kross
  2. Brian Cage
  3. Moose
  4. Eddie Edwards
  5. Eli Drake

Knockouts Champion: Taya Valkyrie

  1. Jordynne Grace
  2. Tessa Blanchard
  3. Kiera Hogan
  4. Su Yung
  5. Alisha Edwards

X Division Champion: Rich Swann

  1. Willie Mack
  2. Sami Callihan
  3. Trey Miguel
  4. Zachary Wentz
  5. Ethan Page
  6. Petey Williams
  7. Ace Austin
  8. Jake Crist

Impact Tag Team Champions: The Lucha Bros (Pentagon & Fenix)

  1. Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards
  2. LAX
  3. Bah and KM
  4. The Rascalz
  5. OVE
  6. The Desi Hit Squad
  7. Reno Scum

3. Upcoming Matches

Rebel Nightclub
Toronto, ON

  • Impact World Championship
    Johnny Impact (c) vs Brian Cage
  • Knockouts Championship
    Taya Valkyrie (c) vs Jordynne Grace
  • Impact Tag Team Championships
    Full Metal Mayhem
    The Lucha Bros (c) vs LAX
  • X-Division Championship
    Rich Swann (c) vs Sami Callihan
  • Gail Kim vs Tessa Blanchard

4. Championship Landscape

Impact World Championship
Champion: Johnny Impact
Won: from Austin Aries (Bound For Glory 10/14/18)
Defenses: 5
Challengers: defeated Fenix (Impact – October 25th, 2018), defeated Killer Kross (Final Hour), Brian Cage (Homecoming), vs Killer Kross – No Contest (1/25 Impact), defeated Moose vs Killer Kross vs Brian Cage (airedate: 2/15/19)

Knockouts Championship
Champion: Taya Valkyrie
Won: from Tessa Blanchard (Homecoming)
Defenses: 2
Challengers: Tessa Blanchard (airdate: 2/15/19), lost to Jordynne Grace via DQ (3/29/19)

X-Division Championship
Champion: Rich Swann
Won: Ultimate X (Homecoming)
Defenses: 1
Challengers: defeated Sami Callihan (3/22/19)

Impact Tag Team Champions
Champion: the Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix)
Won: from LAX (Impact 2/8/19)
Defenses: 1
Challengers: defeated LAX (2/22/19)