House of Hardcore 35 Results, Statistics, Next Shows

House of Hardcore 35
November 18th, 2017
2300 Arena
Philadelphia, PA

Tommy Dreamer Opening Segment w/ Tim Storm

  • Shortly before the scheduled bell time, Tommy Dreamer came out and introduced NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Tim Storm.
  • Dreamer let Storm and the NWA know they are always welcome in his House of Hardcore and Storm offered him a shot at the NWA title.
  • This brought out Nick Aldis, who challenged unsuccessfully for the title last week. Storm needed to use the ropes to beat him, however. Aldis says he gets another shot at the title because of Storm’s use of the ropes the last time they met.
  • ┬áThis segment aired on NWA’s Facebook page but not House of Hardcore’s Twitch page.
  • NWA’s social media accounts followed Tim as he traveled to Philadelphia but did not mention where he was going.

1. Bull James defeated Hot Young Briley

  • Briley is the younger brother of Dolph Ziggler and plays a cocky heel.
  • After some antics from Briley, James won a quick match.
  • Briley’s had a rough go in House of Hardcore so far, he’s 0-7.
  • Bull James is 7-8 in singles matches for HOH but also won a triple threat over Carlito and Tommy Dreamer at HOH 29.

2. MVP defeated Lance Anoa’i

  • Anoa’i was doing well for himself but in the end, it was MVP hitting the Drive-by Kick for the win.
  • MVP moves to 13-1 in HOH. His only loss came to Billy Gunn the night before at HOH 34.
  • Anoa’i moves to 2-8 in all match types in HOH.

3. Vik Dalishus defeated Ace Romero

  • The feed cut out for a bit and when it came to Vik Dalishus and his opponent appeared to be covered in some yellow substance.
  • Dalishus moves to 3-2 (singles matches) after hitting the Tiger Blood Lariat.
  • Romero is making his debut for the promotion this tour. He’s dropped two straight now to Dalishus.

4. Nick Aldis defeated Billy Gunn

  • Gunn came into this one after having defeated MVP the night before.
  • Aldis comes in after taking a loss in an NWA World Heavyweight Championship match with Tim Storm last weekend.
  • Aldis targetted Gunn’s leg the whole match and then he just hit him in the leg with a chair and pinned him. I’m assuming HOH is conducted under ECW rules where DQs are rare to non-existant.
  • Aldis continued to attack the leg after the match and put on a single-leg crab until refs broke it up.
  • Gunn is now 7-2 in HOH. He’s beaten MVP, Bull James 2x, Mohammad Ali Vaez, Jake Hager, Lance Hoyt, and Sami Callihan. His losses have been to Jack Hager and now Nick Aldis.
  • Aldis is now 3-1 in HOH single’s matches. He’s defeated Cody Deaner, Bull James, and now Billy Gunn.

5. Matt Cross defeated Petey Williams

  • Eddie Kingson sat ringside to watch this one.
  • Cross ended up picking up the victory but both competitors were jumped afterwards by Eddie Kingston.
  • Cross is now 7-3 in HOH. He’s defeated Tony Nese 2x, Andy Phoenix and Robbie Eagles in a 3-way, Andy Phoenix 3x in single’s action, and now Petey Williams. He’s lost to Tony Nese, MVP, and Petey Williams and the Mack in a 3-way.
  • This was just Petey Williams’ 2nd single’s match in HOH. He’s defeated Alex Reynolds and now lost to Matt Cross. He has a 4-1 record in multi-person matches (4 3-ways and 1 4-way). His only loss is those matches was to Tony Nese and he defeated Nese, Reynolds, Anthony Blitz, Matt Cross, the Mack and Bobby Fish in the other matches. He and Tony Nese also lost a tag match to Daniels & Kazarian.

6.Guido Maritato & Super Crazy w/ Big Sal E. Graziano defeated The Squad

  • Super Crazy may look a fair bit older, but he still does quite a lot of the same stuff. At 43, he still did enough to get over with the 2300 Arena fans tonight. Guido looks great and hasn’t slowed down too much at 45.
  • This was just Crazy’s 2nd match in HOH. His first was the night before when he tagged with Guido, Shane Douglas, and Dreamer and defeated the Spirit Squad.
  • Guido is 5-1 in HOH tag matches. His only loss was on the 1st ever show when he and Tony Mamaluke lost to Danny Doring and Roadkill.
  • The Spirit Squad drop to 3-9 in HOH.

7. the Mack defeated Matt Riddle and the Luchasaurus

  • These were all surprise entrants, though fans were told Luchasaurus was wrestling at some point on the card.
  • the Mack pinned the Luchasaurus after a frog splash.
  • This was Riddle’s debut match for the promotion.
  • Luchasaurus is now 1-1 having previously defeated Alex Reynolds.
  • This was the Mack’s 2nd HOH match. He wrestled the previous night and lost a 3-way to Petey Williams with Matt Cross the 3rd wrestler.

Austin Aries returns with a live microphone!

  • Aries cut a promo before the match about how he was the only person to blame for him getting fired from WWE. He got heckled a little bit during it but he announced he was now going with the nickname “the Truth”.
  • Austin Aries is 5-0 in HOH. 2-0 in 2017 and 3-0 in 2015. He’s defeated Drew McIntyre, Rhyno, Bobby Roode, Matt Delray, and now Alex Reynolds.
  • Reynolds is 4-8 in HOH and has defeated JT Dunn, Matt Striker, Little Guido, and Lance Anoai. He’s been defeated by Tony Nese, Little Guido, Matt Striker 2x, the Brooklyn Brawler, Petey Williams, the Luchasaurus, and now Austin Aries.

8. First Blood Match
Joey Mercury defeated Tommy Dreamer

  • After a ref bump Nick Aldis came out and he and Mercury beat up Dreamer.
  • Shane Douglas seemingly made the save but then turned on Dreamer.
  • The fans started to pelt the ring with stuff as they opened Dreamer up. Mercury opened him up with a cheese grater but he may have been bleeding before that. After the match he gave him the Pedigree and the 3 celebrated in the ring to close the show.
  • Mercury is now 3-0, having defeated Dreamer twice and Bull James once.
  • Dreamer is a solid 1-13 in HOH single’s matches. The only wrestler he’s beaten is Lance Storm at HOH 2. Dreamer has been defeated by Abyss, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Chris Hero, EC3, Pepper Parks, Rhyno, Matth Hardy 2x, Cody Rhodes, Mohammad Ali Vaez, and now Joey Mercury 2x.
  • Dreamer is also 0-7 in mult-person matches in HOH.
  • His record in tag-team matches in HOH is 11-3. So he’s much better in tags.

House of Hardcore’s next live event on Twitch will be on December 2nd, 2017