Hardy Boyz Contracts Extended 1-Year By WWE

Matt & Jeff Hardy, the Hardy Boyz
Matt & Jeff Hardy, the Hardy Boyz

Matt and Jeff Hardy will be staying with WWE for at least another year. While Matt Hardy had Tweeted out recently that his contract with WWE is due to expire soon, it appears WWE had an option to extend the contract and have chosen to exercise it.

According to a report from PW Insider, the Hardyz signed 3-year deals in 2016 that contained an option for WWE to extend the deal by a year if they choose to, which they did.  This means the Hardyz are under contract to WWE until approximately this time next year.

The Hardy Boyz Championship Statistics

The Hardy Boyz are one of the most decorated tag-teams in pro-wrestling history. Below is a list of their accomplishments as a team.

Tag Team Championships:

  • ROH World Tag Team Champions (1x)
  • TNA World Tag Team Champions (2x)
  • WCW Tag Team Champions (during WCW Invasion angle in WWE) (1x)
  • WWE RAW Tag Team Champions (1x)
  • WWF/World Tag Team Champions (6x)

Matt Hardy Championships: 

  • (WWECW) ECW Champion (1x)
  • Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Winner (2018)
  • WWF Hardcore Champion (1x)
  • WWE Cruiserweight Champion (1x)
  • United States Champion (1x)
  • European Champion (1x)
  • TNA World Heavyweight Champion (2x)

Jeff Hardy Championships:

  • World Heavyweight Champion (2x)
  • European Champion (1x)
  • United States Champion (1x)
  • Hardcore Champion (3x)
  • Intercontinental Champion (4x)
  • Light Heavyweight Champion (1x)
  • TNA World Heavyweight Champion (3x)

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