David Finlay Out 6 Months With Injury

David Finlay out of New Japan Cup with shoulder injury
David Finlay out of New Japan Cup with shoulder injury

David Finlay will miss approximately 6 months of action with a torn labrum in his shoulder. The 25-year-old was injured on the final night of the Honor Rising tour in Tokyo. He was wrestling the Briscoes along with Juice Robinson and dislocated his shoulder at the end of the match.

Mark Briscoe pinned Finlay with the Froggy-bow to close out the Honor Rising tour.

“The shoulder man said my labrum is torn,” Finlay Tweeted in relation to his injury. “He’s gotta get deep up in there and tie everything back together or whatever shoulder people do.”

David Finlay ROH/NJPW Status

Finlay will miss the G1 Supercard in Madison Square Garden due to the injury. He also missed the 1st round of the New Japan Cup recently as a result. Finlay has been teaming with Juice Robinson in both ROH and NJPW. The team went 8-5 in the World Tag League last fall, falling just 4 points out of making it to the finals.

In ROH, Finlay is aligned with the members of Lifeblood. Juice Robinson, Tenille Dashwood, Tracy Wiliams, and Bandido are also involved with the faction.

Thanks to everyone for all the positive vibes! I did dislocated my shoulder last night but it’s back in now. I’ll see a doctor when I’m home to see what the damage is but hopefully it’s nothing too serious. Thanks again to everyone. See you in the mountains!